【beauty of nature as it changes from season to season 】What I’m doing behind my boyfriend’s back – It just feels better this way! ~I don’t know.

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Title:What I’m doing behind my boyfriend’s back – It just feels better this way! ~I don’t know.

Maker:beauty of nature as it changes from season to season

Release date:2021/05/22
Genre:ASMR\r\n, pairoflovers\r\n, kidnapping\r\n, SM\r\n, verbalabuse\r\n, hastypreparation\r\n, (sexual)foreplay\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n

What I’m doing behind my boyfriend’s back – It just feels better this way! ~I don’t know.


Lolita Bitch Gal is a purist!

If you’ve made up your mind to do something, you’ll serve it to the hilt!

But …… can’t be bothered with too rigid a partner!

If you’re threatened by that, you have no choice but to go to ……, right?

You’ve got to have sex with your girlfriend to protect her.

At home, outside, in the car!

They allow anal sex, urination, and Creampie!

I wanted to use my selfish body as much as I could.

Let’s get rid of the frustration!

I’m not a bitch! It’s pure love!

No matter how much sex I have, my heart belongs to my boyfriend~!

Pure-hearted loli-bitch cuckold doujin audio work.

This work is an adult audio work.

Viewing with earphones or headphones is encouraged.



Home / Big tits / Kissing / Verbal abuse /.

SM / Faces / Pied Piper / Gokkun

humiliation / drunkenness / anal / spanking

Service / Complete Depravity / Blow Job / Pouty Face / Cuckoldry

pleasure depravity / NTR / Nakadashi / public toilet /.

(indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something


Yui is the owner of a plump body that doesn’t match her loli face.

She’s seen as a bitch because of her uninhibited sexual relationship, but she’s actually very innocent and loves to have sex with you, her lover!

But you don’t get to have sex with Yui very often.

When I say old-fashioned, platonic relationship, I mean Yui.

I can’t get enough of my sexuality. ……

It’s Yui’s cousin Daisuke, an athletic man with an insatiable appetite, who sees through it all!

Daisuke starts staying at Yui’s house when she goes to college, and he sets his sights on her body.

I’m not going to let you get away with it.

I love you, but you’re a frustrated, ripe, plump Yui.

The body can’t help but feel Daisuke’s vicious, rabid meat stick. ……

The violation of flesh unfolds day and night, inside and outside!

I’m not cheating on you! It’s just friendship!

Lolita bitchy NTR audio work!

Synopsis of each track

Track 1: “Even a Bitch is Pure of Heart

Yui and you are in a hotel with a lot of blowjobs.

After completing the foreplay, it was time to insert it into her wet, wet vagina. ……

I want to have sex with you, but you insist on waiting until after we are married to cross the line.

I’m happy, but not happy enough. ……

Track 2: The Young Uncle.

The beast’s eyes caught sight of Yui’s frustration.

This is my cousin Daisuke, a college student who recently started staying with us.

Daisuke, an immortal sportsman, sees through Yui’s frustration with his well-honed sexual experience.

He verbally wooed her.

No, I have a boyfriend. ……

You can’t hide the honey juice that overflows from there, even though you refuse to say so in words. ……

Track 3: “We’re not pussies!

Once he loosened himself up, Daisuke’s animal lust knew no bounds.

Sex from morning till night! Let’s have a blue fuck while we train in the morning!

They start the car and have intense car sex, not caring that there are people walking around!

I was told not to make a mess in the car, and then I was thrown out and had to walk home!

It’s a pleasant feeling to come to terms with the fact that you’ve been treated the worst ……?

Track 4: “No! Not for that guy. ……

We like you, after all. ……

What a shame that Daisuke doesn’t give a second thought to Yui’s feelings!

Spanking and anal sex! My first time in an asshole with great sensitivity.

They even make you drink and urinate.

I think …… is the best way to drown in stinky piss!

Track 5: “I’m not a bitch!

Yui promises to go on an amusement park date with you.

I need to save my allowance for that and have sex with …… Daisuke!

Flirtation? No, no, no, I’m just trying to get Daisuke to calm down!

You can’t help but raise your tits and squirm your hips and beg for sex!

It’s never going to feel good~!

Track 6: Epilogue

Today, you and Yui exchange words of love, and Daisuke and Yui exchange carnal desires!

She gets in Daisuke’s car, gives him a blowjob, and gobbles him up! I let him drive, and I slid my cock into him.

Flesh and blood play!

What you see as you are being sodomized is you working part-time for your amusement park date!

I’m sorry – I’m not cheating on you!

You’re the one I want!

She declares her pure love by exposing her pale face to the white muddy cum!


Product Specifications

Audio tracks in wav format and package illustrations

To begin with | 00:56

Scene 1 | 18:23

Scene 2 | 13:14

Scene 3 | 12:54

Scene 4 | 12:56

Scene 5 | 11:56

Scene 6 | 10:10

Total: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 29 seconds

Staff (Titles omitted)

Planning and production circle: Fuka Yukigetsu


Planning :Kanaya Tsukisetsu

Voice: Kohira Leika

Illustration by Aya Bird

Script release

The script for this work is now available on Ci-en!


Site address

“Contact us.


“Video release page.


“Novel release page.


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The copyright of this work belongs to the circle “Fuuka Yukigetsu". Please refrain from modifying, reprinting, or distributing this work without permission.

In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this work.


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