【marvellous 】Abusive Maid: A kind and naughty maid who talks badly but pulls out your cock.

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Title:Abusive Maid: A kind and naughty maid who talks badly but pulls out your cock.


Release date:2021/05/20
Genre:handjob\r\n, “ejaculationontopartnersface\r\n", onanism\r\n, normalplay(baseball)\r\n, Urination/Peeing\r\n, earlicking\r\n, femaleejaculation\r\n, whispering\r\n

list of names

罵倒メイド 口は悪いけどおちんちん抜いてくれる親身でえっちなメイド [めたぼりっく]


Name: Kanheki Meido


Age: teens to 20s


Favorite food: grilled saury


What happened recently: Fainting from continuous masturbation



罵倒メイド 口は悪いけどおちんちん抜いてくれる親身でえっちなメイド [めたぼりっく]

Play & Ejaculation List

罵倒メイド 口は悪いけどおちんちん抜いてくれる親身でえっちなメイド [めたぼりっく]

[Track 1] No ejaculation.

[Track 2] Ejaculation 12:04

[Track 3] Ejaculation 21:24

[Track 4] Ejaculation 16:00

[Track 5] No ejaculation.

[Track 6] No ejaculation.

Urinating in clothes 6:12 – 6:45

Squirting 15:54


Serif list


Yes, good morning. You’ve been very persistent today. Normally, I would have gotten up a little earlier, but my head was still in a ……? No, I’m serious.

track 2

Didn’t you love it when they held your balls? Pinch them with your fingertips with your other hand. …… It’s about the size of a slightly larger grape. You can see that it is soft but also elastic. There are two of them.

Did you know that this is where semen is produced? If this area is destroyed, you will not be able to produce semen and your libido will decrease dramatically. …… What should you do? Yes, you can crush your balls or not. …… Hmm, you don’t like it, do you? Yes, sir.

“Master was very susceptible to high-speed hand jobs. The other day, when I gave him this, he immediately sprayed his semen all over the manuscript, and it took a while to process it. Your face is getting dumber and dumber. Your head is getting dumber and dumber too.


I told you not to get an erection, didn’t I? …… I can’t help it, I’m going to make you ejaculate. I’m going to make you ejaculate, so keep it up. …… Don’t be a nag, don’t be a nag.

…… See, this is a good place to start. I like to have my nipples rubbed with my fingertips, don’t you? It’s a bummer that I’m having my nipples played with by a maid while someone else is working in front of me.

“The liquid on the desk is Master’s drool. It’s not disgusting at all.


“Yes, I’ll sit tight then, so be my guest. …… How can I help you? …… Oh, you didn’t know how to take it off, did you?

The apron dress is not that complicated to construct, but it’s too complicated to explain, so I’ll take it off myself. Master, please get naked as soon as possible.

“How do you feel for the first time? Does it feel good? …… Oh, yeah. It’s very warm, slippery and slippery inside. Thank you for making me feel like a virgin.

'I’m glad you got to feel good with the maids, and that you got to have unprotected, irresponsible sex for the first time. Oh, I envy you. I’m jealous of your no-thought, irresponsible Creampie.


“You will be paid 30 percent more in total, or at least 30 percent more, including your past overtime work.

I feel like I’ve gotten most of it out. As a bonus, I’ll wipe your ears at the end, so make sure you look happy.

“I’m sick of your happy face, like you made ……. Please don’t ever make that face again.


“Can you see? My pants. Then, as ordered, I should lift up my skirt and urinate in my clothes with my legs in a crabby position.

Ick. ……. Ick Ick Ick ……. Ick ……! Ooh ……! Oh, ……!

“Totally fucking masters are ……. Ugh ……, that’s disgusting ……. I’m going to vomit ……. Oh, ……. Ugh ……. …….

  • Master in his sleep
  • Master of hand job
  • Master of perversion.
  • Master of the virgins
  • Master of the Dirty Ears
  • Fuck you, master.
  • Total time

Credit Link

-天宮じゅじゅ様 https://twitter.com/juju_amamiya


-まーぼーどーふ様 https://twitter.com/mabotofu06

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