【Dog Ear Company】[ASMR] In front of the young master, if only – First love, the growing writing of Shiori, the apprentice nakai

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Title:[ASMR] In front of the young master, if only – First love, the growing writing of Shiori, the apprentice nakai
Maker:Dog Ear Company
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Girl, Kimono/kifuku, HandJob, Creampie, Fellatio, EarLicking

About the work

[Would you like to start a new life with a lonely girl?]

*This work is an ASMR-style, R-rated work in a setting.
This is a binaural recording in KU100!

[ Summary of the story ]

A time not long after the beginning of civilization.
You are studying in the city when you receive a letter from your parents.
You are confused when your parents ask you to take over their family’s inn.
When you go back home to talk with your parents, a girl comes to your room.
Her name is Shiori. As she greets you and tells you that she’s going to be working here as an apprentice matchmaker, you begin to worry about her.


I recommend it to anyone who has these feelings.

If you are interested in overcoming hardships with a sad girl…

[Those who are interested in having a conversation with a calm girl]

[If you are interested in inns and period settings].


Character introduction

  • 【ASMR】…若旦那様の前で、だけなら~初めての恋、仲居見習い栞の成長筆録~ [ドッグイヤーカンパニー]


    Ogawa Shiori, an apprentice matchmaker
    CV: Ms. Minase Ryouka

    [Please talk to me only when you have work to do.]

    A girl who has been working as an apprentice in an inn run by a distant relative for the past month.
    The story is about a young girl who, after the death of her parents at an early age, is constantly passed around from one relative’s house to another, and for some reason becomes deaf and hard of hearing.
    He was raised without knowing what love is.
    He is able to speak, but often has trouble doing so because he has quit school, has trouble interacting with people, and has trouble hearing his own voice.

    [What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Was my face too close?
    I’m sorry, but I’m not very deaf. I can only vaguely understand loud noises.]

    I’d like to feel the young master for a little while longer, and mistake him for someone special.

  • 【ASMR】…若旦那様の前で、だけなら~初めての恋、仲居見習い栞の成長筆録~ [ドッグイヤーカンパニー]

    ◇Main character (listener)

    Young Master of the Ryokan

    The story is about a young man who goes from the city to the countryside when his parents ask him to come home because they don’t have a successor.
    He wasn’t really interested in his family’s business, but when he came in contact with Shiori, he started to change his mind.
    She learns sign language and starts to talk to Shiori in writing.

Product Content: Tracks (1-9) 216 minutes total (approx. 3 hours 36 minutes)

  • Nice to meet you, young master.
  • My feelings
  • Please let me be wrong about this.
  • Happy, warm, disgusting *D kissing, normal position sex
  • The young master taught me how to cum, it’s amazing *D kissing, blowjob
  • Why are you still being so nice to me?
  • I’m so happy to have so many memories *Ear licking, hand job, cleaning blowjob
  • I’ll always be by your side.
  • I love you, I love you *D kiss, blowjob, cowgirl, ear licking

Extra files

  • 【ASMR】…若旦那様の前で、だけなら~初めての恋、仲居見習い栞の成長筆録~ [ドッグイヤーカンパニー]

    Cover illustration without logo with and without logo. (1280*960px)
    Difference, expression, naked, disheveled, dusk, night illustration

    Full length script (PDF)

    *Some parts may differ from the actual audio.

    Free Talk (4 minutes 46 seconds)
    Ms. Minase Ryouka

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About the work

  • Planning / Supervision: Dog Ear Company
  • ■CV:小川栞 役 Ms. Minase Ryouka
  • Scenario:Yuzuko Konoe
  • Illustration by Izumoneru
  • Microphone used: High quality KU100 recording


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