【Dodameya】Corrupted by Evil Heroine 2 – The Monster’s Sister Will Pamper and Brainwash You with Bubbly Hypnosis

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Title:Corrupted by Evil Heroine 2 – The Monster’s Sister Will Pamper and Brainwash You with Bubbly Hypnosis
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:tits, binaural/damihe, sister, TransformationHeroine, sextoys, ReverseRape, malepenetration, earlicking


When you return home after completing your mission on the side of justice you’ve been working on for years, you notice that your only immediate family member, your sister, is acting strangely.
It’s a story about an older sister who has become a brainwashing monster and is spoiled with brainwashing breastmilk, brainwashing voice, and brainwashing garaffes, becoming more and more powerless and being corrupted by a younger brother who only wants to make her tits and penis feel good.
There are no violent or derogatory expressions. It is a story about a hero who is defeated in a gentle and melting way. The recording is done in binaural: KU100.

This story is an outgrowth of the Evil Fallen Report series. The world view is connected to the past works, but the characters have been renewed, so you can enjoy it even if you start from this work. If you’re interested, please take a look at the compilation of past works.

■ 変身ヒロイン悪堕ち報告書 総集編2 https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ288810.html

Table of Contents

  • The beginning: the ally of justice and the sister *Piezuri, forced breastfeeding, cowgirl position
    About 25 minutes
  • First week: Brainwashing monster’s sweet brainwashing sex *dakishiki, continuous cowgirl, blowjob
    About 14 minutes
  • Week 2: Shota-ization energy absorption sex * full body licking, deep kissing, ear licking, nursing hand job
    About 23 minutes
  • Third week: continuous tit brainwashing *pressed breastfeeding, continuous cowgirl position
    About 22 minutes
  • Fourth week: Babu Babu brainwashing completed *garage baby play sex, Piesuri, hand job, ear licking
    About 32 minutes

Synopsis of the main story

  • 悪堕ちヒロインに堕とされる2-怪人のお姉ちゃんがバブバブ催眠で甘やかし洗脳してあげる- [ドダメ屋さん]

    □ Beginning

    [Didn’t you enjoy the coffee with the special milk?]

    [As it is, if you let her drink the milk, she’ll be a good girl who listens to her big sister].

    It’s a good thing that I’m not the only one who has a problem with this.

    [I’ll just keep on munching on your tits, twisting them around, and attacking you with my pies. You don’t have to hold back, okay? I’m not going to let my sister get the better of me, and I’m going to lose all my beliefs in justice and my sense of duty to protect everyone in town. Isn’t it great?] [

  • 悪堕ちヒロインに堕とされる2-怪人のお姉ちゃんがバブバブ催眠で甘やかし洗脳してあげる- [ドダメ屋さん]

    Week 1

    [Oh, this look? This is the real me that was altered by the evil organization. You don’t have to hide it anymore. How do you like it?] [

    “Squeeze. See, you’re starting to relax, aren’t you? Oh, no. You’re getting hard in one place. Is it because you can’t take it anymore?

    [Good, good, good. It’s okay. You can make your cock so big with your sister that you can’t think about anything else.]

  • 悪堕ちヒロインに堕とされる2-怪人のお姉ちゃんがバブバブ催眠で甘やかし洗脳してあげる- [ドダメ屋さん]

    Week three.

    I’ll give you a reward. I’m going to give you a reward. Here’s your favorite sister’s milk, drink lots of it.] [

    [Oh, your penis is getting big again, mmm. I’m sure you’ll like it. It’s very thick. I’ll fill you up again with my milk after I’ve finished with you until you’re empty. I’ll be with you forever and ever, big sister]. [

    [Let’s live happily ever after, drinking your sister’s milk and cumming on your sister. That’s it.]

  • 悪堕ちヒロインに堕とされる2-怪人のお姉ちゃんがバブバブ催眠で甘やかし洗脳してあげる- [ドダメ屋さん]

    □ The fourth lap

    [Yes, it’s your favorite sister’s boobs! I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of this. Here, let’s be even better at rattles]. [

    You’re doing a great job even though all you can think about is your sister’s tits and your nice cock. Good boy. You’re a very good boy.

    I’m so happy to see you shaking your hips so hard. Please give me lots and lots of your semen. Even after three times in a row, your cum is very hot and thick. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? Very good girl.


  • Voice actor: Ryouka Minase
  • Illustration by HHH
  • Text by Asuha Asuka
  • Edited by Mousou Creation


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