【Studio Riflebo】KU100] In a world where chastity has been reversed, I met an erotic JK and was immediately attacked and had sex with her!

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Title:KU100] In a world where chastity has been reversed, I met an erotic JK and was immediately attacked and had sex with her!
Maker:Studio Riflebo
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:boobs, binaural/damihe, sisters, Student, Uniform, School/Academy, Nakadashi, MultiplePlay/Orgy

【KU100】貞操逆転した世界でエロJKと出会ってすぐに襲われエッチ! [スタジオりふれぼ]
【KU100】貞操逆転した世界でエロJKと出会ってすぐに襲われエッチ! [スタジオりふれぼ]

It’s a world where men and women’s chastity is reversed. You are approached by JK sisters who are faithful to their sexual desires.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen it.
I’ve been horny since I saw my brother…

In a world where the sexual desires of men and women are reversed, you, a person with a strong sexual desire, are approached one day by the JK sisters (Rin & Yoshika) who love sex.

In this game, you’ll be able to play with your friends and family, and you’ll be able to get to know them better.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a game where I’ve had the chance to play with the girls.

Points of recommendation for sex

The two girls, one of whom wanted to have sex with me even if I had to pay for it, and the other of whom was a nasty, dirty girl… I began to enjoy the pleasure of being pressed by both of them.

The girls are desperate to lick your dick and
The girls are desperately trying to lick your dick and play pranks on you on the train.

Enjoy the secret relationship with you!

They are crazy about your dick, and they will stretch out their tongues and taste your dick as if they are fighting over it.

In the end, they begin to enjoy your dick with a double blowjob.
And then, when they can’t take it anymore, they go into a love hotel and—.

You can satisfy them by thrusting your cock into their aching bodies.

Heroine Introduction

【KU100】貞操逆転した世界でエロJKと出会ってすぐに襲われエッチ! [スタジオりふれぼ]

The heroine on the right
Name:Rin Hachibi
Personality: A lively and cheerful gal.
She is honest about her sexual desires and is aggressive when it comes to her actions.
Three sizes: 98(G)/57/88
First Person:Me
Second Person: Big Brother

A cheerful and lively gal, Rin is the type of person who is honest and aggressive with her sexual desires.

She is easily sexually aroused and masturbates every day.
She has a very sensitive constitution that makes her come as soon as she is played with. All of her weaknesses are known to Yoshika, and she sometimes gets blamed when they play together—.

She loves blowjobs and backstabbing.
He wants to be filled with so much pleasure that his head becomes stupid.

The heroine on the left.
Name: YOSHIKA HACHIBI *Rin’s older sister.
She is calm and serious.
On the other hand, he’s a bit of a slob.
He can be a real pain in the ass once he gets out of control.

Three sizes: 105(H)/59/95
First Person:Me
Second Person: Big Brother

She has a serious personality, but she’s also very dirty and often thinks about sex.
I love to masturbate, and I do it every day in secret to feel better.
Rin knows that I masturbate, but she thinks that no one knows that I like to masturbate yet.
He also hides it from his sister, Rin, but she knows.

He loves to give blowjobs and ride cowgirl.
I love to give blowjobs and cowgirl.

Track introduction

【KU100】貞操逆転した世界でエロJKと出会ってすぐに襲われエッチ! [スタジオりふれぼ]

It contains about 65 minutes (1 hour 05 minutes) of voices that you can fully enjoy.

Title Call(00:06)
Track 1: Prologue JK Sisters’ Reverse Pickup(05:29)
Track 2 W sucking sisters in an alleyway(18:00)
Track 3 Alternating cowgirl position and getting squeezed tightly(11:08)
Track 4 JK sisters’ ear licking hand job reverse molestation(13:15)
Track 5 JK sisters are fucked in a row(12:32)
Track 6 Morning in the world of chastity reversal(Wake up blowjob)(03:45)


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声優:MOMOKA。様( https://twitter.com/yuzuki_momoka )
イラスト:でゆ山様( https://twitter.com/deyuyama/media )
Scenario:Ms. Nano Aiuchi
Production Circle: Studio Riflebo

Introduction of [Studio Reflebo
An up-and-coming voice work circle that started releasing in October 2020.
With the concept of Refresh-Revolution (healing revolution).
We are planning to release two to three works per month, and are working hard to produce them.
Thank you for your support.

Introduction of [Nano Aiuchi
Author of sensual light novels.
She has been publishing monthly on Petit Palla Bunko Creative since March 2012.
Very popular erotic novelist with more than 100 works!
She also writes scripts for doujin voices, and is popular for her content that is both erotic and sweet.


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