【La(o)st color】My beloved Dr. Nyanpaia

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Title:My beloved Dr. Nyanpaia
Maker:La(o)st color
Release date:2021/02/28
Genre:Boobs, lovers, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Titties, Childbirth, catnip, Humanbodymodification

You’re chasing a cat, and you meet a vampire with cat ears and a doctor!

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie with a vampire in it.
The cat’s true identity was, to my surprise, a vampire doctor who specialized in different species.

You’ve got to be careful what you wish for.
(The content contains special sexuality, so please be careful if you don’t like it)

The serious, gentle, tiny, and big-breasted [Nyanpaia] is played by Kawase Yuhu.
The wonderful illustrations are by Piyonzo. The logo and package design is by Matsuri Tomori. The logo and package design is by Matsuri Tomori.
There are two endings available.

Main story>>
Episode 1 [Encounter]
Episode 2 [Harpy’s Pregnant Woman] as Harpy: Mr. Shallo
Episode 3 Part 1 [Patient in a Box] as Patient:Hanamirun
Episode 3 Part 2 [with boobs].
Episode 4 ENDING1[With you]
Episode 4 ENDING2[To the usual daily life again]

A hot spring inn that makes dreams come true (extra)
This is a voice drama by Yuuka Mizuki and Hina Ayumu. This is a voice-drama of Mizuki Yuuka and Ayumu Hina.

A young employee receives a free ticket to a hot spring inn on the recommendation of her seniors.
The story is about a young woman who loses confidence in herself despite her usual cheerful demeanor, and is healed by the hot springs and the food.

SE-BGM used

Sound Effects Dictionary

On-Jin – Otojin



Mr. Bimyu


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