【Cotton Candy Spring 】Special One-Coin 500 Yen] – Bloody Baphomet – Repeated Pleasure Games for Domme Devil Worshipers [Horn Job, Sickle Job, Binaural].

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Title:Special One-Coin 500 Yen] – Bloody Baphomet – Repeated Pleasure Games for Domme Devil Worshipers [Horn Job, Sickle Job, Binaural].

Maker:Cotton Candy Spring

Release date:2021/03/17
Genre:Noreversal\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, ASMR\r\n, maleacceptance\r\n, earlicking\r\n, whispering\r\n


You, a devil worshiper, are not sure about Baphomet.

I really wanted to summon it and find out what kind of demon it was, but…

On the contrary, she was summoned to Baphomet’s other space and was subjected to a lot of nasty things.

Track Contents

Track 1 [Kissing, Deep Kissing, Bloodsucking] (4min. 30sec.)

I could have meekly been summoned, but I summoned you in return.

Because you… you seemed so obedient… and I liked you… and you would make a good toy.

I hope you’re ready to give your body and soul to me.

Track 2 [Ear mischief, ear licking, ear licking hand job] (26min 05sec)

It’s like, “Phew, phew, phew, phew, phew, phew, phew, phew, phew, phew…

It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming…

Your face is turning bright red…

Mmm, lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme…

Huh, huh, huh… feel it more, let out a pleasant breath from your mouth…

And so you will be my prisoner…

Track 3 [Cleaning fella, fella, horn rubbing, ear licking, ear licking sickle job, ear licking foot job] (18min. 29sec.)

I’m sorry for leaking my voice right away…

I guess it feels pretty good to have your cock squeezed in the corner…

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh… shh, shh, shh, shh…


The sole of your foot squeezes your cock from side to side…

This time I’m going to make you cum…

There you go~ ♪ Squish, squish, squish ♪

Track 4 [Bloodsucking, Paisley Fellatio] (9min. 40sec.)

“Haha, haha… the blood flowing from the wound, it looks delicious… let’s eat…

I’m not going to be able to do that…

Mujuru, rejuu, rejuu, rejuu, rejuu, rejuu…

Mmm… doesn’t it feel good to have your blood sucked…

Hahahaha… now let me drink your semen…

Self-circle planning

【特価ワンコイン500円】~血塗れのバフォメット~ドМ悪魔崇拝者へ繰り返される快楽の遊戯【角コキ・鎌コキ・バイノーラル】 [Cotton Candy Spring

[About the application process

(1) Please review the work after purchasing the Honne Voice work.

(2)レビュー投稿した旨を春乃つくし(https://twitter.com/haruno_tsukushi )のTwitterへDMしてください。
(*Please also include the name of the review post.)

(3) After confirming the review posting, we will contact you to complete your application.

The application period is two weeks from the start of sales.

Only the final winners will be contacted.

Recorded time 58 minutes and 44 seconds

File formats wav, mp3, with SE, without SE included

Scenario: Mr. TAMA Konnyaku


Illustration by Miku Sakuraba


Edited by Mr. Summer Airport


Title Logo Mr. Carrot


Voice: Haruno Tsukushi


Cotton Candy Spring


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