【kasoku eji】My sister wants to provoke her brother with adult toys and dirty masturbation and have pseudo sex with him.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#12, 7 Days:#38
Title:My sister wants to provoke her brother with adult toys and dirty masturbation and have pseudo sex with him.
Maker:kasoku eji
Release date:2021/03/08
Genre:toys, masturbation, Verbalabuse, Torment, Incest, earlicking, Squirting, whispering

The audio work of [JK sister series] is finally here!

Series total of 59,000!
CG集The audio work of [JK sister series] is finally here!

The CV of the little sister is the popular voice actress, Yohkoh Aoi Kyuka!

A little different from the main story.
[A brother and sister one day that might have been].

High quality binaural sister-chan voice recorded with KU100.
Please enjoy it.

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After the open campus
A sister says she gave her parents an update on her brother.

[of course, I didn’t say anything anon, did I?]
[—what? What? Are you kidding me?]
You lost your virginity to your sister’s pussy, didn’t you?

I’ve never known a brother who knew anything but his sassy sister’s pussy.
My sister teasingly throws sexually suggestive words at me.

Masturbate a lot because you think I’m really close.

I’m not going to be able to do that.
[And turn on the camera, will you? It’s no fun if I can’t see you.]

This is how a brother is forced to masturbate at his sister’s behest.
I’ve been listening to my sister masturbate a lot.
A life of being provoked begins….

妹は大人のおもちゃとドスケベオナニーで兄を挑発しまくって疑似セックスしたい [かそくえっぢ]

7 tracks, approx. 1 hour 43 minutes

  • Introduction
  • Ear licking [perverted and masochistic brother likes this kind of thing, right?]
  • A call from my sister on her way to school
  • What is the best way to get a good night’s sleep?
  • Younger sister masturbating in the open air while leaving school
  • Adult toy masturbation
  • Pseudo sex with my sister

Recording time, recording environment, staff (honorifics omitted)

7 tracks, about 1 hour 43 minutes
WAV and MP3 included.
Audio recorded with KU100 dummy head microphone.

This is the first time I’ve done this.

CV:Yuka Aoi
Screenplay:Iwanobu Sunabe
Editing: atelier AUTH_QUID
Recording: Low Price Studio
Illustration:Shohei Jumiya
Planning and production: Kahoku Eji

Sound effects used in the work are listed in the included text.


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