【Isoleti】Women’s Wrestler Rin part 2: Champion Road of Shame

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Title:Women’s Wrestler Rin part 2: Champion Road of Shame
Release date:2021/03/08
Genre:gangrape, muscle, Lyona

Lynn’s fight takes place at the world’s largest martial arts tournament, E*plosion!

~ Synopsis.

Lynn, a female wrestler who aims to become the strongest person on earth, crosses the ocean and decides to challenge the world’s largest martial arts tournament, E*plosion.
The story is about a young girl who has just started her career as a wrestler, but her future is in doubt.
Lynn is so strong that she has no opponents and spends her days bored without a match.
One day, she receives an invitation from an underground arena.
In order to save you from the boring world of the surface, we invite you to our exciting world.
A tournament where you can fight against men to your heart’s content. It was the stage that Lynn had dreamed of, and there was no reason for her to refuse the invitation.
But what she didn’t know was that she was not the only one.
What does it mean for a woman to fight a man with everything she has?

Gensan, a man with whom Rin has a history, appears in front of her in the underground arena.

A memory of rape that comes back to life.
Driven by a desire for revenge, Lin challenges Gensan to a [Surrender Declaration Match] with no foul play rulings.
He didn’t know what kind of dastardly trap was waiting for him…

This is a sequel to the previous work [Female Wrestler Rin: Secret Training – Training the naive girl Morodashi].
This is a full HD remastered version of the work [Champion Road] that I, Ai-soletty, published on Pixiv.
This is a full HD remastered version of the work [Champion Road] that I published on Pixiv. The content of the game has been drastically changed from the one published on Pixiv, and the fight against Genzan is brought to you under pro-wrestling rules.
The girl doesn’t get beaten up, but she does get clinched and thrown around.

The story is told in a CG and text storyboard format.
It is displayed in the order of no text, then with text.

Only Japanese text is available.
Text file is attached for overseas users.
Please enjoy with automatic translation software.

Lynn is the female champion of E*plosion. But

  • 女子レスラー凛part.2 恥辱のチャンピオンロード [アイソレッティー]

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen this movie. But there’s no one who can fight her, and she spends her days bored without a match.

  • 女子レスラー凛part.2 恥辱のチャンピオンロード [アイソレッティー]

    After receiving an invitation from the underground arena, Lin wins battle after battle in the underground! Her next opponent is that abominable opponent [Gensan] who humiliated her in the hot springs.

  • 女子レスラー凛part.2 恥辱のチャンピオンロード [アイソレッティー]

    The match is a “surrender declaration match" with no foul play. I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.

  • 女子レスラー凛part.2 恥辱のチャンピオンロード [アイソレッティー]

    In the end, even an intruder appears, and Rin finds herself in a tight spot. Can he really win?


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