【beauty of nature as it changes from season to season 】About my beloved sister being cuckolded by a shady character – My beloved sister is a shady character’s sex slave

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Title:About my beloved sister being cuckolded by a shady character – My beloved sister is a shady character’s sex slave

Maker:beauty of nature as it changes from season to season

Release date:2021/01/30
Genre:Noreversal\r\n, leg\r\n, youngersister\r\n, pairoflovers\r\n, kidnapping\r\n, SM\r\n, brute\r\n, shortcut\r\n

About my beloved sister being cuckolded by a shady character – My beloved sister is a shady character’s sex slave


An older brother and an energetic Kansai girl who love each other both physically and mentally.

If you fuck my brother, you can do anything you want, asshole or gokkun~.

But lately, your parents have been suspicious of your relationship and you’ve been forced to have a fake boyfriend?

The other party was, of all people, a shady guy from my class.

It was supposed to be a pretend relationship …….

She finds out about the affair with her brother and gets fucked around!

Outdoor, lewd, and abnormal!

As she is forced to have all kinds of sex, her sister’s body becomes more and more sensitive. ……

Yinka NTR audio work!

This work is an adult audio work.

Viewing with earphones or headphones is encouraged.


Incest / Sister / Sister



lewd talk/facepalming/


Big tits/big ass

(indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something


Yuya, a brother and sister in a naughty relationship, and Misato, an energetic girl from the Kansai region…

I’m in the middle of another intense H today.

At school, at home, in my parents’ bedroom, I did whatever I wanted, raw, anal, SM, etc.

They pledged their future to each other and spent their days loving each other.

However, when her parents become suspicious of their relationship, Misato tries to distract them by turning Kosuke, a shady guy in her class, into her fake boyfriend.

However, Kosuke is a man of affairs and a schemer that you would never guess from his shady appearance. ……?

A shady, villainous prick tramples on your feelings for your favorite brother!

Synopsis of each track

Track 1: The Secret of Brother and Sister

Two siblings, Yuya and Misato, are in the middle of an illicit sex session in the bath one night when their parents are not around!

Track 2, “Parent Approved?

She gets carried away & gets so excited that she has sex in her parents’ bedroom too!

Track 3: “It’s only for a little while. ……

In danger of being found out? A shady fake lover created to escape the eyes of his parents.

But he’s an adulterer and a schemer, and he raped me. ……

Track 4 “Comparison of the Two

Why would I want to see his face when I’m having sex with my favorite brother?

Forcing, yes, forcing is why I don’t feel good about having sex with him. ……

I’d rather have that guy’s dick than my brother’s. ……

Track 5: “Truth and Lies

I’m sorry, bro. …… I can’t get enough of you.

Finally, I’ve fallen into the shadows, body and soul!

Track 6: “The Right Way

I knew incest was wrong! My brother, please congratulate me and my girlfriend on our relationship!

NTR complete! My beloved little sister is being poked and prodded by a shady dick and she’s climaxing!


Product Specifications

Audio tracks in wav format and package illustrations

To begin with | 00:45

Scene 1 | 12:52

Scene 2 | 07:50

Scene 3 | 15:51

Scene 4 | 09:15

Scene 5 | 18:53

Scene 6 | 14:53

Total: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 19 seconds

Staff (Titles omitted)

Planning and production circle: Fuka Yukigetsu


Planning :Kanaya Tsukisetsu

Voice: Chiuri

Illustration by Aya Bird

Script release

The script for this work is now available on Ci-en!


Site address

“Contact us.


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本作品はフィクションです。実在の人物、団体(indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something
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In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this work.


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