【Y’s Project 】Onna Ariki Archives 02

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Title:Onna Ariki Archives 02

Maker:Y’s Project

Release date:2020/12/18
Genre:Maniac/pervert\r\n, indecentlanguage\r\n, onanism\r\n, breaking(animals)\r\n, lewd\r\n, brute\r\n, seekingthebizarre\r\n, torture\r\n

Masochistic instincts in full swing, perverted self-mutilation masturbation

This is the audio of a masturbation demonstration by the rare masturbator “Yuki".

Due to various reasons, it has been difficult to make new recordings, so this time, instead of new recordings for Y’s Project (downloadable contents), we have picked up voices from masturbation demonstrations recorded in the past.

This is the second installment in the “Yuki Onna Archives" series.

Of course, this time too, the masochistic instincts are in full swing (lol).

It’s as extreme as ever, with clitoral cutters, thorny dildos in the vagina, and needles in the cervix.

Some modifications (partial cuts and volume adjustments) have been made, but basically no editing has been done.

This is the audio of a masturbation demonstration seamlessly connected with fantasy and reality, monologue and practice. …… How much of it is fantasy and how much is reality?

I hope you will feel that same sense of excitement while listening to this song.

Please listen to the trial version first.

You can listen to the entirety of “01.mp3" and a 4-minute digest.

If you like it, please purchase it.

Total recording time: approx. 105 min.







Extra.mp3 (Play time 16:42)

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