【Kuroko-ya】Peko’s Gentle Ejaculation Management

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Title:Peko’s Gentle Ejaculation Management
Release date:2021/01/06
Genre:moe, tits, lovey-dovey, handjob, Creampie, Titties, Lewd, maleacceptance

I’ll be able to handle the knight’s erect dick and get rid of the cum that’s built up.

I’ll continue to pinch the meat stick with my tits, and I’ll take care of you gently with my pies☆.

As she gets more and more excited, she straddles the pole and begins to shake her hips wildly!

It is inevitable that you will be very excited by Pecorine’s ejaculation management, please enjoy this superb book to your heart’s content.

This is the same one that was distributed at Pucone Encyclopedia 10 and Air Comiket 2. All 28 pages.


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