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Title:united gynasis -united gynasis
Release date:2021/01/06
Genre:moe, impression, healing, AllHappy, Alien/monstergirl, Loveable/Amaaama, comedy, ScienceFiction

GINASIS 2021. only we know where to go from here, and we have to make it ourselves.

ungs0367 united gynasis – united gynasis

<ヒロカワミズキの看板娘『ユナイテッド・ジナシス』 シーズン1(ジナンドロモーフ・シスターズ シーズン31) “GYNASIS 2021">

The GYSS model number (Ginandromorph Sisters) has been reset due to the completion of 366 [GYNASIS is EVERYDAY], and a new one has been added.
ungs(united-gynasis) model number.


Ginandromorphs – Sisters.
Singularity Dolls.
Elementals – Shesta.

The Four Signs have become one, the New Signs Union, [United-Genasis].



Mizuki Hirokawa continues to stand by the world. Because the world needs it.

LGBT, racism, sexual minorities, and everything in between.

Freedom and diversity. Cooperation. That’s what’s most important.

For ten years I’ve been drawing, for ten years I’ve been changing, for ten years I’ve been changing.

[Is Genasis still in the minority?]

Then you have to keep drawing. If the world needs it.

A sign girl with everything. The ideal sign girl. I’ve been working on this for a few years now.

Gynasys 2021. to the other side.

The future is only known to us, and we have to make it ourselves.


In the weeks and days between the end of 2020 and the end of the third day of 2021, until the establishment of the concept of 0 [United-Ginasis], we will be able to create a new world.

An assortment of illustrations from various concepts.

-[Coalition of four teams][No matter what happens, we will continue to stand by the world.] Illustrations & stories of Yodo-Hanako-Aka-Kutou-Ain after the decision was made in

-[This could be an ant.] The following HP illustrations of the level – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day illustrations (drawn by Jimmyo-san, the return of Yodo-chan and Sumi-chan’s combination, and Sumi-chan and Naiku’s New Year’s Day illustrations).

-The rejected line: Competition No.1 [The emergence of the fifth protagonist] United – A collection of dead characters and materials from the [Continue to do the Yodo-chan verse] line, after only the name Ginasis was decided.

-Forgotten line: Competition Part 2 [6 years later story]A collection of dead illustrations for the line where Yodo-chan leads the Novels as a member of society. Includes new illustrations for Yoh, Colli, Innis, and Novell.

The world is still full of unreasonableness and absurdity. I am not willing to tolerate discrimination. I have also thought that we should form a new partnership.

But still, I will continue. There are people on the other side who need us.

The Gynandromorph Sisters are needed to reach the world, to the world. No matter what they think of us.

The world is still full of unreasonableness and absurdity. I have no intention of allowing discrimination. I also thought that we should form a new partnership.

However, I will continue. Beyond that, there are people who need it.

Gynandromorph Sisters are needed to reach the world, to the world. No matter … what “you" think.


This is a collection of Yodo-chan’s New Year’s Eve illustrations posted on HP. (4K – full size version – with no typesetting)

02019’s [sister sipping New Year’s Eve soba from her sister’s butt] (* #87 [For Beginners] Ginandromorphs – Sisters Worldview Setting Summary – 2019 Cover Cover) is more powerful and

[Sister who eats New Year’s Eve soba with her sister’s excrement as dipping noodles] saw off the year 2020 and welcomed the new year 2021.

This is a good friend of Yodo-chan and Sumi-chan’s sisters, starting with the New Year’s Eve shitty soba.

(Note: I’m not sure if I’m going to stop the Ginasis series, if Yodo-chan and Sumi-chan are going to stay apart, if I’m going to keep working with Hanako and Ein and the others, if I’m going to make a new sign girl, if I’m going to find a new place, etc.

I’ve been in a slump for about three days, drawing a bunch of dead illustrations and worrying about a lot of things.

This is a very emotional illustration of the fact that after all the hardships I went through, I picked up a pen and came out with [the usual good friends of the sisters, chattering away without regard to scatology as before].

On the day you were born, Sumi-chan…

It’s a [general summary of 2020] and [2020 was not a bad year, even though a lot of things happened in the world]. It’s a piece to define New Year’s Eve, produced to say with pride, “I’m so proud of you.

The revival of the popular character Jimmyo-san, the first erotic depiction since the renewal of the PC for the last time in 2020, and Sumi-chan’s reckoning with the fact that Yodo-chan was the only one whose masterpiece was retaken.

And the answer to the [Ginandromorph Sisters] 2020 story, which is newly defined as [Hanako is Yodo’s real mother, and Jimmyo is only Sumi’s mother].

Bubbly, overflowing, great motherhood. You are not the only one who was born that day.

The masterpiece of Jimmyo-san and Sumi-chan, perhaps the first time they are clearly treated as [Yodo-chan and Sumi-chan are not equal].

0 New Year’s Greeting, Sumi-chan (2021)

Since the highlight of last year’s (*#101 [10th Anniversary x 100 Works Reached] BEYOND – Illustrations Commemorating Mizuki Hirokawa’s 10th Anniversary & 100 Works) was a two-shot of the new main character – Hanako and Yodo-chan

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’ve been working on it for a while now.

In the story of [Ginashistron Yodo], Sumi-chan and Skywing had not yet developed a bond.

In the story of [Ginashistron Yodo], Sumi-chan and Skywing had yet to form a bond, but now, after a long and varied journey in the year 2020, the dragon child and the beautiful girl have formed an irreplaceable bond.

This is also the origin of the main character, Sumi-chan, who [could not be drawn until 2021].

The first day of the book:Naik – Aera (2021)

This is the first cover of the year 2021, and the first cover of the year 2020, which I drew even Sumi-chan at the end.

A kimono and a foreign student. It’s the kind of illustration that you can only draw on New Year’s Day, and it’s an attractive sign girl that didn’t exist until last year.

Diversity and freedom. The year 2021 starts with a popular signboard girl, suitable for the ideals of the “Ginandromorph Sisters," the signboard girls of Mizuki Hirokawa☆☆





CG collection with transcription-diff.

4 basic pages. Total 17 pages including differences.


Big Size! G-Cup Married Woman Maid Shinmyou-san – 9-Part Kit (Print out 9 sheets and stick them together with cellophane tape.)

Big size! Sumi-chan in a sunny kimono – 9 parts kit (print out 9 sheets and stick them together with cellophane tape)

画像サイズ < 4KUHD > 3840×2160 < FullHD > 1920×1080 一部変形サイズあり。


2021 Story & Author – A package containing three works: [Afterword] of January 5, 2021 by Mizuki Hirokawa, a collection of immortal settings, and illustrations from the website (the basic 4~ pieces above).

Total images – 14 basic, 95 pages including differences.

[HP] https://itigota.x.fc2.com/
[e-mail] sgmcomplex@gmail.com

(c)Mizuki Hirokawa/Studio Jinashista!

In the smartphone version, [extra, FullHD] is only available for browser viewing.


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