【Wolf’s Holiday】Squeezing Nurse [Please hold back on the ejaculation!]

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Title:Squeezing Nurse [Please hold back on the ejaculation!]
Maker:Wolf’s Holiday
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:nurse, handjob, groping, Verbalabuse, Shame/Humiliation, Maleacceptance, shorts, expressionless


搾精ナース「射精は我慢してください!」 [おおかみの休日]

Yayoi Sasaki

She has no expression and does her milking without hesitation, but sometimes she has a kind side that encourages you.

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搾精ナース「射精は我慢してください!」 [おおかみの休日]


Over-masturbation leads to an emergency hospital stay.
A cool nurse squeezes me for a cure…

Milking play contents

-hand job on my dick as I cum in a paper cup

-On all fours while being given a continuous hand job to ejaculate his dick

-Back penetration to the rhythm of a metronome

-Ejaculation while looking at the nurse’s pants

-Holding back cowgirl ejaculation to the sound of [itchy].

-Seeding press in nurse’s pussy


Work details

21 basic pictures (1 standing picture + 16 main pictures + 4 sub pictures)
The sub CG is a close-up CG of the part.
81 pages of the main story including differences (with text)
The main story including difference (without character) 81 pieces
Total 162 pages
With an extra (trial reading of two previous works)
Image size 1920×1080
PDF included


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