【Forest of wheat leaves】Euthanasia (Paizuri) Death Officer

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#23, 30 Days:#86
Title:Euthanasia (Paizuri) Death Officer
Maker:Forest of wheat leaves
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:clothes, noinversion, tits, Lotsofjuice/liquid, Titties, Reverserape, malepenetration, Bigtits/bigtits


Those identified as [inferior citizens] will be promptly disposed of with [death].
However, by supreme happiness – i.e., pizzeria sex

That is the [euthanasia system] in this country, and there are no exceptions.
The [euthanasia officer], also known as the [squeeze death officer], continues to kill the inferior with milk every day.
In the event that you’ve got a little bit of time, you’ll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to make the most of your time.

In time, all children will die out from intra-milk ejaculation.


Basic CG: 13 pages (9 of them are Piesuri scenes)
Main story:251 pages
CG collection of only PIZZURI death (all situations are PIZZURI death)
Two characters [5Z138] and [4Z132] appear, and the content consists of 8 cases

The case of 5Z138

安楽(パイズリ)死担当官 [喘葉の森]

case1: A typical case of euthanasia
If you are identified as an inferior citizen, the euthanasia officer will appear without prior notice and force you to choose between [suicide] or [euthanasia (pies) death].

case2: unannounced euthanasia on the street
The euthanasia officer just walks the streets, and the inferior citizens are lured to die like winged insects.

case3:Breast-feeding of thugs
Just relief for the worthless, punishment for the guilty.

case4:Private affair with the Secretary?
If you’re the Secretary of State, you’re at the mercy of the militarist who boasts the biggest tits you’ve ever seen.

The case of 4Z132

安楽(パイズリ)死担当官 [喘葉の森]

case5: A classic example of euthanasia?
As long as humans are in charge, mistakes happen. A paperwork error was discovered during the euthanasia (paisley) execution.

case6:Milking execution of illegal immigrants
Those who enter a country out of curiosity are met with a baptism of milking.

case7:Bribes were used to evade recognition as inferior
The unbearable temptation of milking paralyzes even the fear of death.

The Case of the Double Pies

case8: Euthanasia by double milking
Even if you are a good athlete, if you are found to be [inferior], euthanasia will be promptly executed.


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