【Nishimon family】Ship Girl Foot Collection

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Title:Ship Girl Foot Collection
Maker:Nishimon family
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:Moe, fetish, leg, lewdwords, anthropomorphism, shrinemaiden, militaryuniform, footjob

A collection of footjobs played by ship girls!

Footjobs are embarrassing]

The ship’s girls are confused. [
I stimulate the Admiral’s crotch with my cute feet and bring him to climax.

This is a CG collection that specializes in footjobs.
There is no real scene.

Included ship girls

-Jinshu Maru

One basic CG per person, with 5~6 differences (including cut-in foot parts)

Included in jpeg and pdf files.

Size 1600×1200
10 basic CG / 65 including differences


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