【100 kg of gold bars】A story about nudging a friend’s pet

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Title:A story about nudging a friend’s pet
Maker:100 kg of gold bars
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:Toys, lolita, Tickling, Urinating/Peeing, Anal, Squirting, Poortits/lowtits


A friend I hadn’t seen in a while told me she got a dog, so I had to show it to her.
It was not a dog that was there, but obviously a human girl.
[Prostitution? Slavery? Is there such a thing in real life?]
A lot of thoughts run through my brain.

You’re confused, but you’re trying to come to terms with it.
My friend started to have a thick [nudge] with his pet!
You’ll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

I don’t care how my pet feels!

In order to satisfy her desire to be nudged, she and her friend enjoy nudging and playing with toys.

Play content
-nipple torture
-toy play

There is no intercourse scene, please note.
Main story 28p


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