【Suo Patra / Suo Patra】[Falling asleep ASMR] The devil girl heals the best so I can sleep really well (ear scratching – whispering – massage – foam oil)

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Total:#29
Title:[Falling asleep ASMR] The devil girl heals the best so I can sleep really well (ear scratching – whispering – massage – foam oil)
Maker:Suo Patra / Suo Patra
Release date:2020/10/05
Genre:Moe, healthy, healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Earwax, whispering, WorksbyVtubersthemselves

This is the first time I’ve seen a Vtuber in a movie.

The Vtuber Suo Patra, known for her YouTube LIVE delivery of Sleeping ASMR, is finally coming to DLsite!
10 hours total. High quality dummy head microphone [NEUMANN / KU100] is used.
Patra, the demon queen from the demon world, is coming to your room!
You’ve been chosen as a research subject for healing. If you don’t know who Patra is, will you understand her well now?
You will enjoy the gentle sweet whispering and the pleasant massage and ear scratching.
This is a large volume ASMR work with 17 tracks and over 10 hours of total recording time!

【寝落ちASMR】悪魔娘が最高に癒すのでものすごく眠れる(耳かき・囁き・マッサージ・泡オイル) [周防パトラ]
【寝落ちASMR】悪魔娘が最高に癒すのでものすごく眠れる(耳かき・囁き・マッサージ・泡オイル) [周防パトラ]

Purchase bonus! Comes with a freshly drawn Suou Patra illustration!]

【寝落ちASMR】悪魔娘が最高に癒すのでものすごく眠れる(耳かき・囁き・マッサージ・泡オイル) [周防パトラ]

Track List Details

01_Story—(about 2 hours 49 minutes)
The queen of the demons from the demon world [Suo Patra] is in your room? You’ve been chosen as a research subject for healing…?
パトラを知らない貴方もこれでよく分かっちゃう?!You will enjoy the gentle sweet whispering and the pleasant massage and ear scratching.

-01_I’ve come to your room(02:20)
(Patra is just talking)
-02_I’m going to give you an ear massage(32:10)
(aromatherapy oil ear massage – foam wash – carbonated foam – wipe off with towel – baby oil – treat laying hairs – brush – cream – plug ears)
-03_I’ll take care of your ears with a kneecap (66:55)
(ear wax water – foam massage – scrubbing towel – baby cotton swabs – bamboo ear buds – tail ear buds – towel finger scrubbing – shower cotton swabs – double ear rubber brush – baby vaseline – head nodding)
(ear wipe – both ears tail ear swab – both ears cotton swab – gel ball – gel – tapping – wipe off with tissue)
-05_Tea Time (10:00)
(herbal tea – grated apples)
-06_I’ll Give You a Head Spa (30:16)
(scalp massage – comb hair – sleepy shampoo – rinse with carbonated water – treatment – towel – pressure points – oil massage)
-07_Goodnight together by the fireplace(04:48)
(fireplace – sleeping breath)

02_The sound that makes you sleepy—(about 1h 36m)
This is a collection of sounds that make me sleepy without voices. This is the first time I’ve done it without voice, since I’ve never done it on YouTube.

-01_A full body massage from head to foot(23:47)
(oil massage – massage over clothes (rubbing – light tapping – slapping method) head massage – oil head massage)
-02_Bamboo ear buds(24:42)
(scrape – lightly tap – slap) head massage – oil head massage)
-03_Cotton swab ear buds (right side)(25:40)
-04_Cotton swab ear buds (left side)(21:32)

03_Situations, various. —(about 5 hours 38 minutes)
In addition to the high quality audio VERs of the sitcoms posted on YouTube, it also includes a new vampire and an alarming patola!

01_Awakening Patra-chan(24:38)
(with snooze to wake you up every 10 minutes)
02_Telework Girlfriend(49:44)
03_You, who was left to your own devices by your vampire sister(52:32)
04_Elf girl wants to heal you gently. (44:09)
05_Nurse’s Sweet Nursing(48:11)
06_She who sits next to me secretly scratches my ear without telling everyone(68:27)
07_Free Talk(49:55)

Recording Information & Credits

[Recording Environment]
We use a soundproof room, and actual environmental sounds and voices are recorded with a high quality dummy head microphone [NEUMANN / KU100].
It is recommended to use headphones or earphones for viewing.
This film is binaural.

[Recording time]
Total 17 tracks: Total recording time about 10 hours and 3 minutes
There is no duplication of sound in the work.
File size Total 1185GB

[File format]
WAV:48kHz / 24Bit
MP3:48kHz / 320kbps
MP3 is identical to the WAV content.
*High-resolution illustrations included.

Illustration by Yuno Shihika @yuno_shika
Sound Effects – Recording – Editing – Script – Voice – Production: Suo Patra


【寝落ちASMR】悪魔娘が最高に癒すのでものすごく眠れる(耳かき・囁き・マッサージ・泡オイル) [周防パトラ]

[Suo Patra]
Belongs to the Vtuber unit [Honey Strap ].
Debuted on July 14, 2018. Her activities are based on live streaming on the Internet, and her total number of followers on SNS is over 400,000.
She is also active in the music field, releasing original albums with her own lyrics/compositions/arrangements, and holding real events and internet live performances.
He also broadcasts live ASMR on his YouTube channel every Monday at 24:00, and more than 10,000 people visit his channel every time to seek a peaceful sleep.


https://twitter.com/Patra_HNST (@Patra_HNST)



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