【Summer of Coconuts! /Kaede Akino】Daberouya Vol. 3

[Ranking]24 Hours:#14
Title:Daberouya Vol. 3
Maker:Summer of Coconuts! /Kaede Akino
Release date:2019/12/25
Genre:Moe, healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, Yuri


work content

Kaede Akino and Narumi Osaka’s Free Talk Collection Vol. 2
Please note that this is a different genre from the so-called audio works.
A collection of free talks between Kaede Akino and Narumi Aisaka, including tea drinking, pizza eating, game playing, and tormenting Akino-san.
This time we had a tea party with Jemiko Yamada, a friend of Akino-san and Osaka, as a guest.
Jirarumin vs Akino-san
Between them is Binaural Mike.
This is the first time I’ve seen this video.
You can use it as background music.


Track content

=00 Akino Bewilderment, Osaka Temptation, Yamada Enchantment [8:13].

This is the so-called opening.
If you were to start your usual greeting with Osaka and Jemiko
Akino-san comes barging in, confused.
It’s totally uncouth!

=01 Pizza, Fear, and Tea Time [34:11].

The usual laid-back pizza teatime
The three of us will be having fun with Jemiko.
I don’t know why Akino-san seems to be shivering.
Thank you very much!
Is there any ally of Akino-san among the customers?

=02 games, chats, and results [14:36].

[Who do you like more after all, Akino-san?]
To answer this question, we play a game together.
The explanation of the game is from Akino-san.
This is a very difficult game, and the game is very heated.

=03 Hospitality, Actions, Reactions [14:25].

I gave Akino-san a present.
He’s a chic guy in a huff.
Prepared by Osaka and Jemiko-san.
Do you think they’ll be happy?

=04The last one, Ocha [48:07].

The last tea
the most important

=Extra 1 [Uwokimono file].
This is the audio file that Akino is listening to on track 03
Here is the first one
It might be fun to listen to it beforehand

=Extra 2 [Sukisuki File].
This is the audio file that Akino is listening to on track 03
Here is the file I listened to in the second half.
The reaction is as in the main story
It’s cute.

Total play time: about 2 hours

Sales applications
The sales of this work are mainly used for Akino-san and Osaka to eat delicious food, go on trips, etc.
Sales from this game will be used mainly for Akino-san and Osaka to have a nice dinner, travel, and to invite guest voice actors from the next game.
If you’re interested in giving these two a little luxury, please let us know.

Voice Cast:
逢坂成美 https://twitter.com/narumiaisaka
秋野かえで https://twitter.com/akinokaedevo
山田じぇみ子 様 https://twitter.com/gemikovoice

Mr. Bungaku Brow

This is a binaural work, recorded with a dummy head microphone.
Please use earphones or headphones for better enjoyment.
(But please be careful with the volume.)
No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented without permission.


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