【Paladin Works】Spears of Valkyrie REMAKE

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Title:Spears of Valkyrie REMAKE
Maker:Paladin Works
Release date:2020/10/05
Genre:healthy, burn, inspiring, MaleProtagonist, Series, Tsukuru, romanticcomedy, Fantasy


Genre: RPG
Play time: About 4-6 hours (Play time for one round. Can be played multiple times.)
Production tool: RPG Tutool MV

Please note
Please check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

A complete remake of the free game [Spears of Valkyrie] with various elements and scenarios added!
This is a prequel to the royal road RPG [Sword of Paladin RE (RJ227240)].


The Age of Old.
The world was saved by the hero king of Asgars and twelve heroes [Holy Knight (Paladin)] —.

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It has been 500 years since they continued to train and inherit for the [coming disaster]. ——
And on this day, ten years before the appearance of a new holy knight, their story begins. —–


The following elements have been added to the old-fashioned [2D map] and [turn-based battle] system to liven up the adventure.

(1) Beautiful illustrations
(1) Beautiful illustrations: [Yutaro Kuroki] has been selected as the main character designer.
Beautiful illustrations enliven the story.

The story of Spears of Valkyrie is reconstructed.
Even those who have played the old game can play it with a fresh feeling.

(3) Adventure-style scenario with fixed levels for each chapter.
(3) Adventure-style scenario with fixed levels for each chapter and no concept of gaining experience.

(4) Preemptive items
This time it’s a symbolic encounter, and you can attack first if you make contact with an enemy from behind.
If you set an item for the first attack, you can damage the enemy first, or use it to attack the enemy from behind.
If you set up a first-strike item, you can damage the enemy first or inflict a conditional abnormality.

(5) Tactics
The [Tactics] skill that was unique to the formation in the previous series is now available.
Use them to your advantage in battle.

(6)Maximum 6 person party
The maximum party size for this game is 6 people.
This allows for a more dynamic battle scene to unfold.

(7) Auto Battle
Normal battles can be shortened with Auto Battle.
You may discover some surprisingly easy-to-use techniques!

(8) Depth and cut-in
Each character learns a depth technique.
Each with powerful skills has the power to change the course of battle.
Cut-in has been introduced in this game since ver100.

(9) Stage Select
After clearing the game, you can play from any chapter you want.
Of course, it is a strong and new game specification.

(10)Newly added [later story].
Relive the actions of the main character Zash after the ending.

Update history

2020103 ver100 released
2020105 ver101 Typo correction


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