【FLAIR / Mako Ayane 】Welcome to Succubus Nursery School, Boku♪ – Succubus Mother and Daughter’s Thoroughly Pampering Experience

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Title:Welcome to Succubus Nursery School, Boku♪ – Succubus Mother and Daughter’s Thoroughly Pampering Experience

Maker:FLAIR / Mako Ayane

Release date:2020/08/09
Genre:Binaural/Damihe\r\n, portrayingchildreninaneroticstyle\r\n, “maam(usedbygeishatorefertotheirsuperiors)\r\n", Succubus/Lascivious\r\n, handjob\r\n, “mothersmilk\r\n", milking(acow)\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n

Succubus Nursery School for Adult Babies! Let’s be healed by Succubus Mom!

You are working and studying hard every day.

On my way home from work, I was curious about a certain sex store and decided to go in.

It’s a place run by a succubus called “Succubus Nursery", which offers a service to care for adult babies…!

In exchange for the male semen, which is the source of nourishment for Succubus, the service fee is low.

Drawn in by the sweet words of Sara, the mother succubus, Anata offers to take part in a trial run.

This is a very exciting situation, surrounded by Sarah, her daughter Lily, and the succubus mothers that Sarah knows.

If you love to be pampered, why don’t you take this opportunity and join the school?


Hi, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Sarah. My name is Sarah. I’m very happy that you’ve decided to visit Succubus Nursery School. It’s an honor to meet you.

I listen to the explanation of the Succubus Nursery School while being carried by my mom.

There is a course selection, with a 0-2 year old course for adult babies, a 3 year old course for those who are curious about adult toys, a 5 year old course for those who are starting to get interested in sex itself, and finally an “adult daycare" course.

Which course to choose?

Track2: 0-2 years old course (baby talk, nursing hand job, putting them to sleep) (22:12)

This course is designed for 0-2 year old babies who want to be treated like babies.

I’ve been fondled in baby talk, whispered in my ear… And then she’d suck on her mother’s tits while she sucked on her cock… ♪

At the end of the day, you’ll sleep with your mom… wrapped in a soft pie pie, and she’ll watch over you until you fall asleep.

In this course, Sarah will take care of you like a baby.

If you want to be a baby, have your cock sucked while being pampered by big boobs, or have a nursing hand job, you must listen to this!

Let’s be a succubus mother’s baby.

Track3: Three-year-old course (blowjob, masturbation hand job, adult toy play) (15:41)

This time, please have fun and play with me, the loli mama.

Let’s get to it… ♪… Yes, what is this? Yes… it’s called ona-hool… first of all, you have to pour water into the squishy hole here…

It’s so thick, so thick, so thick… Okay, then lightly shake the masturbator and rub it a little to get the lotion to soak in…. I’m ready to go….

But…. I’d like you to show me how to transform my penis into a big fat cock.

Hey~. Hang in there, penis!

In this course, my daughter, Lily, will teach you how to play with masturbation toys.

You are a three year old boy who is starting to get interested in toys. You are a three-year-old boy who is interested in toys, and you want to have your cock pleasured by the warm mouth of Lily, a loli mom.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen this before, but I’m sure you’ve seen it before.

In fact, this masturbator has been specially designed…!

Let’s learn how to play with Lolita Mom and her toys.

Track4: 5 Year Old Course (Suck-Mama and Ama Ama Ama Gakkatsu Sex) (21:01)

Succubus Mom’s erotic, dirty, pussy hole.

I want to shake my hips so hard that I can’t stop thrusting and ejaculating until my balls are empty…. I want to ejaculate until my balls are empty.

It’s okay, I’m an adult now. I’m still a baby who wants to be pampered by my mom, but I want to have sex with her, and she wants to impregnate me.

It’s not something to worry about… After you finish showering, let’s shake our hips so hard that our minds go blank.

In this course, you, a five-year-old boy who has started to take an interest in sex itself, will finally have sex with Sara!

In front of your mom’s bountiful erotic body, your cock is erect to the max.

She and her mom hugged, tongue in cheek, and desperately sucked on her breasts while having intense, instinctive sex!

Lolima, Lily and I are watching over you.

Let’s view it with all our might, without leaving a drop of juice in our balls.

Track:5 Special Course (Adult Succubus Nursery) (09:55)

I’ve been so excited by the two mothers’ breasts that I’ve been having sex with them for a while now.

You’ll be able to get a great deal more than just a great deal more than just a great deal more than that.

I’m being groomed… mmmm… it feels so good… haha… You can’t do this in your normal life, can you? Don’t you want to be a preschooler for the rest of your life at your succubus mom’s nursery?

The three succubus mothers will take good care of you, and you will grow up to be a fine boy!

In the special course, Sara and Succubus Mama will really squeeze you in return for experiencing all the courses!

While sucking on the boobs of the big succubus moms on both sides of her, she has cowgirl sex with Sarah!

Can you endure the super dirty situation?

Total playing time 1 hour 13 minutes 54 seconds

This film is recorded with a binaural microphone.

CV: Mako Ayane

Production of sound effects: Polar Bear’s Wife (CV: Ayaka Igasaki)

Production of sound effects: VoiceBloom, etc.


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