【sheep (of a family) 】I want to shoot my mother’s milk. 2

[Ranking]24 Hours:#25
Title:I want to shoot my mother’s milk. 2

Maker:sheep (of a family)

Release date:2018/12/14
Genre:tits\r\n, indecentlanguage\r\n, uniform\r\n, “mothersmilk\r\n", milking(acow)\r\n, Nipple/areola\r\n

The protagonist is asked to perform breast milk sex with Tomomi Sakurazawa, aka Mother Tits. The activity escalates as Tomomi’s libido increases… Tomomi’s breasts and mother’s milk grow more and more dense and sensitive every day. In the midst of all this, the cultural festival begins, and the maid Mother Tits serves her mother’s milk, and she drinks a mother’s milk latte straight from the bottle…and the secret of mother’s milk is revealed…?

Black-and-white comic book, 29 pages

JPG, PDF included

Illustrations without titles

★★★★★★★★★ The long-awaited novelization! ★★★★★★★★★

This is the first time I’ve ever written a novel. is now available as a novel!

A story about a year spent with Tomomi-senpai.

Contains many original episodes not found in the original story!



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