【Ogata Pavilion】Childhood friend mistakenly becomes a nude model web full version

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Title:Childhood friend mistakenly becomes a nude model web full version
Maker:Ogata Pavilion
Release date:2020/04/28
Genre:moe, healing, Series, Glasses, Childhoodfriends, Longhair, Blackhair, Bigtits/bigtits

A childhood friend becomes a nude model in an all-male art club!

幼馴染みが間違ってヌードモデルをしてしまうweb完全版 [緒方亭]

My childhood friend, who is my only nude model, accepts a job as a nude model for the university art club.

She said, “It’s okay, we’re an all-female art club! She said….

The story is about the happy development of the relationship between the protagonist (me) and his childhood friend.

This is the complete web version of the doujinshi that I distributed at C97.

The story is about a young friend who can’t show her naked body in front of many people.
The illustration of [my sister] which was not included in the paper version is added.
This is the complete version, which also includes a difference in glasses (twin sister setting with a slightly different personality).

This is a collection of about 40 full-color illustrations and about 220 soft erotic illustrations including the difference without dialogue and the difference with glasses.


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