【Iniminima?】Red Zukin no Mori (Chinese version)

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Title:Red Zukin no Mori (Chinese version)
Release date:2020/03/06
Genre:heroine, teenagegirls, ファンタジー, Holla, pluralplexi/miscegenation, 獣姦

● Works Introduction
This work is 18 forbidden RPG.
It contains a little bit of sadistic descriptions.

The worlds that Tomoko has come to attack are the Forest of Breach, the Forest of Lake, the Forest of True Darkness, and the Forest of Snow.
There are big bosses waiting in the deep of each fan.
Minglei system encounter.
There are props that will drop the ability to transform when you beat someone.
Boosting etc. can also increase small caps.
In addition, there are various weapons that can be taken on the road ahead.
If you use them properly, you can get a good advantage in the fight.

Ease of use
Also permitted cheat props that can loosely push the tour.

●H View
The boss and mid-boss will have H-view.
As well, some specific events can be seen.
Scenarios are based on rape and abuse.
The beanie is a dead type so it doesn’t breathe much.

Picture:Sushi Gutsy Taro

Updated love ver14
The “Lake of the Forest" will be repaired and the tour will not be able to go on.

Update ver13
※Improved the speed of the Bureau of Small Caps.
※Fix for word.

■Updated love ver12
Fixed the props that cannot be picked up by the canopy of Nozomori.
※ The stand won’t disappear after the whole thing is repaired.
Added a text fast function. (Press Ctrl)
※Increased the speed of the bucket.

Updated love ver11
※The pass will liberate the flashback to the Ministry.
※ CG will not disappear after repairing the Darkness of the Abyss.

Update ver10
※The frog in Lake Forest is not too easy so it’s made it easier to see.
※The brightness was adjusted because the screen was dark in the depths so that players could not see anything.
* Other whole.



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