【Beds and Buddies/Beds】Interviews on the Sexual Behavior of Underage High School Girls (Taiwan Chinese Version)

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Title:Interviews on the Sexual Behavior of Underage High School Girls (Taiwan Chinese Version)
Maker:Beds and Buddies/Beds
Release date:2020/08/22
Genre:OJ, ASMR, teenagegirls, rabcom, mid-rise, forced/unreasonableyari, earlicking, sasayaki

[bed with a small partner (tentative) society] underage female high school students of sexual behavior interview (Taiwan Chinese version) R18, ASMR, H plot, digital download version, no physical light

Special Note: Each work has a link to the audition, please be sure to use the ear machine to audition after considering the ear acceptance before purchasing, after all, ASMR not all individuals have the law to accept, if there is offense, please forgive me.

The work of tolerance:

I had to invite a current high school girl to be interviewed through a referral. In order to provide a quality environment for the interview, I went to a high class hotel room, hoping to get the information and material needed for the thesis.

I didn’t think I was here for a date!


Chapter 1_Let me finish my thesis first, okay?

I got a boner after hearing so many dirty sex experiences shared, honestly

Duration:10 minutes 08 seconds

Chapter 2_Really tight and narrow

The female high school students is completely different, too comfortable

Duration:13 minutes 23 seconds

Chapter 3_I have to correct the lewd behavior

The begging for mercy is completely ignored until it comes out

Duration:15 minutes 46 seconds


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