【Indigo Theatre】Diary of a Retired Nun and Autumn

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Title:Diary of a Retired Nun and Autumn
Maker:Indigo Theatre
Release date:2020/03/05
Genre:Healing, series, sisters, DailyLife, heartwarming

The first part of the Diary of a Retired Nun series is complete!

This is the fourteenth story in the series of the diary of a girl who wishes for the beauty of the world, and searches for Kami-sama and Papa. 16 pages.

I’ve been imitating a nun at home, and recently I’ve come to understand something. Prayer is about waiting.

I did a service with my neighborhood sisters and went on a trip. And today, everyday life is coming again.
It seems obvious, but it’s a very important routine.
The miracle that I have been waiting for is hidden in this everyday life.

An autumn dusk of transparent light. What was the miracle that came to the protagonist?

The first part of the story is complete, ending with quiet emotion.

The Diary of a Retired Nun

ひきこもり修道女と秋の日記 [藍色劇場]

The Diary of a Hikikomori Nun series is also available as an offset book.
The price is 700 yen at Comitia and Kansai Comitia events.
As of March 2020, there are a few copies left at COMIC ZIN, but they are also available by mail order.

The bottom contains episodes 9 to 14.
Currently this series continues to episode 21.
(March 2020)

The Nun’s Day: A Postcard

ひきこもり修道女と秋の日記 [藍色劇場]

The Diary of a Retired Nun 奥付

ひきこもり修道女と秋の日記 [藍色劇場]


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