【Dreaming】Refrain of walking in paradise

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#4, Total:#497
Title:Refrain of walking in paradise
Release date:2020/03/20
Genre:maleprotagonist, colortrick, handjob, Creampie, Reverserape, malepenetration

The protagonist, who has obtained the power of a hero that has been sleeping in a sealed cave, is
He is targeted by various women, including angels and witches, for his power.
It’s also a great way to get to know the people in your life.
In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’ll be able to use it for a lot of things.

The protagonist, who is trying to return to his hometown, is attacked by a female character who wants his power.
In this game, you’ll have the opportunity to play with your body and seduce your friends.
If you give in to your desires and ejaculate, you will absorb a level of power.

If you are a brave and powerful person, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of daring, even if you are level drained.
If you are a brave person, you may have the power to fight off your attackers, even if you dare to enjoy the pleasure and are level drained.
But you have to be careful. If you are too preoccupied with indulging in pleasure
If you ejaculate too many times, if you lose too many levels, if you lose too many levels, if you lose too many levels, if you lose too many levels, if you lose too many levels
If the power relationship is reversed, what awaits you is a future in which you can no longer resist with all your might, but are simply squeezed at the mercy of your opponent.

It’s a great way to get into a situation where you’re being pressured, seduced, and forcibly squeezed by a woman.

-reverse rape, luring
-Kissing, blowjob, sex, continuous ejaculation
-Aphrodisiacs, restraints, magic rutting and arousal
-Various female characters, such as monster girls, goddesses, angels, and dancers

There are many other situations as well.

-H scenes and some events are voiced.
-Voice can be switched on/off and volume can be adjusted for each character.
-Skip messages, auto-forward messages, and clear windows.
-Reminiscence, CG viewing.
-Two game modes to suit your play style.
A mode where you have great power from the beginning and can dare to ride the temptation and play the game of pleasure and drain to the fullest.
A mode where you have high growth potential but small initial ability, and can be squeezed out while seriously resisting.
-mouse controllable.
-There is no default name for the protagonist, the player can decide for themselves.
If you have trouble deciding, you can use the random name function.
-20 HCGs, 5 H-combat standing pictures, and 5 event standing pictures.


[Lily] Hiiragi Mafuyu
[Charuel] Soramame.
[sparrow]Asahiba Yomogi.
[Ruby] Yukihime Usagi.
[Mia] Yuzuki Akari

Original program
Villager A

Introduction image, title logo
Ele (Lem Taily)

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