【Trancel / Koyomi Hiiragi】Audio of meditation assistance from the sisters

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Title:Audio of meditation assistance from the sisters
Maker:Trancel / Koyomi Hiiragi
Release date:2019/12/23
Genre:Moe, healing, sisters


One holiday.
There was a small crowd in the usually empty neighborhood church.

I saw that the sermon was open to the public today.

You’re curious, so you decide to take a little peek…
The story of the next few days.


This is a work of fiction. It is not related to any real person or organization.


This is an audio work for gaining immunity to anxiety.

It’s a basic meditation technique.
It is intended for beginners in mindfulness meditation.

-Orthodox meditation, focusing on the breath (12:23)

-A small but effective technique for getting out of ruminative thinking (05:14)

-Compassion Meditation with Prayer (14:27)

-Meditation with sequential awareness of all sensations in the body (12:09)

I wanted to find a reason to do compassion meditation well in my own way, so I planned this.
I hope you’ll listen to it along with my previous works.

What is [mindfulness]?

Mindfulness is often misunderstood as a general concept that is difficult to explain.
The foundation of mindfulness is the Buddhist concept of mindfulness.

In fact, for those of us who have Buddhism ingrained in our lives
It’s a concept that is surprisingly familiar and easy to accept.

What is the synonym for “not being here in spirit"?

Let’s do a little thought experiment.
When we feel anxious, we are in a state of mindlessness.

The feeling you get when you’re alone, giving a speech in front of a large group of people
That feeling of being impatient and fidgety

[When you alone fail]
[if you say something weird]
[being watched]

These feelings of anxiety are swirling around in my head.
When your mind is occupied with anxiety, there is no room for you to notice the changes in front of you.

—I’m sure we’ve all experienced something like this at some point in our lives.
There is no synonym for the word “Kokoro ni arashi" in Japanese.

As you may have guessed
Mindfulness is a synonym for mindfulness.

Where am I right now, and what am I doing?
A state of being aware of the various emotions you are feeling. This is called mindfulness.

Being overwhelmed with anxiety.

This causes you to make poor mistakes.

The kind of failure that gets you those two arrows.
If you can become aware of a sense of mindfulness
I’m sure you’ll see a steady decrease in the number of such failures.

I tend to get nervous in front of people.
I am troubled because I am trapped in my past circumstances.
I get vaguely anxious and reach for my phone or snacks.

If you’re curious about mindfulness
To get to the root of such bad habits
You may want to listen to Sister’s story


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