【FAKE An】Deceitful Beautiful Swordsman Corona compilation

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Title:Deceitful Beautiful Swordsman Corona compilation
Maker:FAKE An
Release date:2019/12/21
Genre:Series, fantasy, Fellatio, MultiplePlay/Orgy, JapaneseRape, Ponytail

Deceitful Beautiful Swordsman Corona series compilation.

The most powerful female swordsman in the world, but the easiest to deceive. This is the story of the erotic adventures of Corona the Red.
The concept is that a strong heroine is taken advantage of by insignificant men, but there is no bad end.

*This is a compilation of episodes 1-5, and the content is identical to the individual works. Please be careful.
*Only episode 1 has an image size of 729×1031 (2-5 are 798×1129)

224p without back inside cover.



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