【Es_Lab/Anzu Mitsu 】MSOT.Extend!

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#9, 30 Days:#26

Maker:Es_Lab/Anzu Mitsu

Release date:2019/12/23
Genre:Binaural/Damihe\r\n, hypnoticvoice\r\n, Sexchange(TS)\r\n, breaking(animals)\r\n, verbalabuse\r\n, brainwashing\r\n

This is the third additional voice in the “MSOT." series of female-depraved brainwashing voices!

Please allow me to put this work out into the world. ……

This will be a compilation of audio that pursues only falling into a female’s arms and making her feel good!

Extend in a little over three lines!

This is the first time I’ve been able to get a hold of one.

If you’ve listened to the whole series, a wonderful world awaits you!

The theme of this work is fetish (diaper play, etc.), and it will make you feel good!

It’s a good idea to listen to this album first, but I think you’ll enjoy it more if you’ve listened to this series as much as possible!

————– sample ————–

[Preparation – Downer Relaxation]

Okay, I’m going to slowly drop my consciousness into a deeper place…

Slowly, slowly… relax your whole body and let your body fall into the bed or chair…

Inhale deeply, exhale slowly.

Keep taking deep breaths, and before you know it, your body will relax and you’ll be in a very relaxed state.

You see, when I exhale slowly, the excess strength goes away from my body together with it.

Hey? Your eyes will naturally close and you will feel very relaxed…

Relax, I can only hear Sakira’s voice…

It’s such a comfortable state, isn’t it?

Right now, the voices of the bloomers are tracing the surface of your consciousness.

Such an image…

The top of your head with your eyes closed, tracing the contours of your consciousness.

Such an image…

He stroked my consciousness, tickling my…

It feels kind of nice…

Such an image…

[Play part (3)]

Giggle, giggle…

See, when you’re aware of it, your mouth pussy will feel as if it were a sex organ.

Every time you poke me in the back of the throat, a numbing sensation runs through my whole body, and I feel better and better.

Here, squirt, squirt, squirt.

Every time I feel your cock with my tongue, I feel a surge of nasty pleasure.

Fellatio feels good.

It feels so good to flirt with Master Penis.

Here, taste some more.

It feels so good to be fucked to the brain by the rich male smell that it makes me go blank.

A bitch is sucking on a cock that looks like it’s about to burst with cum, making her pussy squirm.

Here you go, you’re about to get a thick squirt of cum.

Why don’t you use your mouth pussy more mindfully?

If you rub your tongue so hard that it becomes numb, you’ll feel even better.

It feels so good to be fucked in the mouth.

The pleasure makes my eyes roll upward.

Hahaha, you look so cute with the whites of your eyes.

Come on, let’s get you to ejaculate in a nice way.


This is binaural audio recorded and edited at 24bit96kHz using a dummy head microphone (KU100). Please listen with headphones or earphones.

The high-resolution audio is recorded as FLAC files.

—————— Contents: ——————

Number of tracks: 8

Running time: 61 minutes

It contains two types of files, MP3 and FLAC (high-resolution).

Full color cover, 20 pages, PDF file

—————— staff ——————

≪Planning and Production


≪Scriptwriting, editing, booklet production.

Yoshika Tsuzuki

Playing the role of Sakura Torii: Mitsu Anzu

≪Character Design, Main Visual

Aoi Masami

≪Booklet illustration cut


≪Logo Design

Lilith Lauda


Copyright (c) 2017-2019 Es.Lab All Rights Reserved.

MSOT.Extend!! -FullTracks-

1. MSOTex_C96_02 002
Implication Extend

2. MSOTex_C96_03
003 Play Part 3: Peeing

3. MSOTex_C96_04
004 Play Part 4 Choking

4. MSOTex_C96_05
005 Play Part 5 Deli

5. MSOTex_C97_02a 002
Implication 2 Extend

6. MSOTex_C97_02b
Print Extend

7. MSOTex_C97_06
006 Play Part 6 Dry

8. MSOTex_C96_01
001 Introduction Extend

MSOT.Extend! Booklet Plus

  • MSOT.Extend!! [Es_Lab]

    In addition to the full-color front and back covers, we have multiple color pages this time around!

  • MSOT.Extend!! [Es_Lab]

    The situation illustrations are designed to help you get into the audio naturally!

  • MSOT.Extend!! [Es_Lab]

    Additional illustrations are available as a gift to Sakira-sama fans!

  • MSOT.Extend!! [Es_Lab]

    It inspires naughty images in a variety of situations!


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