【Polar bear’s wife/Igasaki Ayaka 】[With Video *Feels like you’re actually doing the deed] Moving Adaruto Broadcast Station 7 – Polar Bear Secret Society Joining Edition

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Title:[With Video *Feels like you’re actually doing the deed] Moving Adaruto Broadcast Station 7 – Polar Bear Secret Society Joining Edition

Maker:Polar bear’s wife/Igasaki Ayaka

Release date:2020/10/06
Genre:Binaural/Damihe\r\n, ASMR\r\n, toy\r\n, Tools/Foreignobjects\r\n, Office/Workplace\r\n, handjob\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, verbalabuse\r\n

【動画付き★実際に行為をしていると感じる】動くあだると放送局7~シロクマ秘密結社入社編~ [シロクマの嫁]

(=) Here are the details of the work.

◇01_Welcome to the Secret Society of Polar Bears (01:49)

You have been assigned to work for Aya, the sister of your dreams. First of all, you will learn how to record for the production.

Aya’s sister enters the recording booth and remotely controls the system from the booth. You are watching from the booth.

But can you, who have usually listened to Aya’s work, safely listen to the recording ……?

I want to talk about the introduction.

◇02_First check the microphone (25:08)

Aya sister entered the booth and started to practice. We will demonstrate the sounds of kissing and ear licking with Damihe.

The sound coming from the earphones, Aya sister’s voice talking to you in real time …… sound.

In the studio, it’s just you and Aya. …… I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.

You try to act like you don’t know what’s going on, but Aya sees right through you. She begins to tease you about your erection.

I want to squish my dick right now, I can’t stand it. Then the devil whispers from Aya sister …….

“It’s just you and me during employee training. You are the only one outside the booth now.

I can’t see you, so I don’t know what you’re doing.

I can’t see anything from my sister Aya. It’s just like my house. So you can do anything you want …….

These sweet words entice you to squeezing your dick at work.

It’s a great way to get the most out of your time on the road.

You’ll be able to count down and ejaculate comfortably while receiving masturbation support as if you were being watched.

(ear wiping/ear licking/neck licking/kissing/throbbing licking with left and right movement/ejaculation countdown)

◇03_How to make sound effects (18:39)

This time, we will study realistic sound effects. The sound of a man’s penis is an important sound in the work. ……

So, let’s try it out. But the sound I heard was too real!

I’m trying to make the sound of my work as close to the real thing as possible, but I wonder what the sound is now? What do you think of the sound now? Do you think it might be real?

Fingers, pens, bottles, and dildos: ……. Take turns putting them in your pussy and reproducing the sound of nipping and tickling stimulation.

You can see what they are doing across the booth wall at ……. It will stir up your imagination.

It’s supposed to be just making sounds, but it’s got a sexy voice and realistic live action ……. It’s a great way to get a feel for what’s going on. You’ll be able to’t stop squirming.

(Let’s listen to the sound of your pussy / pen masturbation / bottle insertion / dildo insertion)

◇04_Massage for you who are tired (21:17)

When Aya’s training is over, you are “somehow" limping around.

When Aya sees how tired you are, she gives you a massage with her favorite electric massager.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who’s a fan of your work.

It’s a good idea to have an electric motor that’s been pressed against such a raw pussy as well as the shoulders, back and hips. Then he pressed it against her sensitive nipples. ……

When you can’t stand it anymore, an extra ear licking massage is added and you are trapped.

Naturally, your dick is full.

“Don’t you want to give in to your male instincts and let your cock feel good? Don’t you want to feel good?

There was no way I could resist the temptation of my sister Aya, so I took out my cock in front of her.

I took the lotion from her pussy and massaged her dick while she made me feel good.

(Massage with an electric motor / Nipple torture with an electric motor / Ear licking / Manhandling / Sissy show masturbation with love lotion)

◇05_I wish I could have a massage too… (28:15)

You have been massaged a lot by Aya-sister. Now she wants you to give her a massage, too.

She will spread her pussy in front of you so that you can easily see her clitoris, which is where she wants you to massage.

She shows me her erect clitoris and tells me with her fingers where to apply the massager.

She uses her favorite massage machine to massage her clitoris, and she also uses her fingers to massage the inside of her pussy.

You are the one who squirts Aya’s pussy in front of you. You can also hear the nasty sound right in front of you.

After carefully relaxing, I used your hardened massage stick to carefully massage Aya’s pussy.

At the end of the day, she kissed me and gave me a lot of cum in my pussy. Please pour a lot of thick semen into her pussy.

(climax / clitoral electric blasting / pussy massage by hand / live penetration / live Nakadashi / kissing)

◇06_Knee pillow at break time (19:45)

Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re excited, but you need to take some time off!

So said Aya sister who gave me a lap pillow during the break. But when I was on my knees, I smelled horny.

Just before she put you on your knees, she had just masturbated because she was so horny from the recording.

You can hear the sound of Aya’s pussy when she changes her position slightly.

I’m not sure what to do, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it.

The sound of my sister Aya’s pussy can be heard from my ear. And from the other ear, I can hear her voice.

You want to hear more, and Aya gives you permission to use her pussy to listen to the sounds until you are satisfied, saying that it is important to study the sounds.

Finally, I inserted a dildo for sound effects and enjoyed the “voices and sounds" of Aya’s climax with both ears!

(Manhandling/dildo insertion in kneeling position)

◇07_Study of pussy sound effects (23:21)

I decided to do some research to make the pussy sounds for my work more realistic.

I set the microphone very close to Aya’s cunt.

You will also enter the soundproof room and support Aya.

It includes the sound of a finger squeezing her pussy and a dildo being inserted.

We will study what kind of sound it makes when inserted in any way.

Of course, you are too naughty to get an erection.

My sister Aya is kind enough to allow me to record her while squeezing her dick.

After the ejaculation, the semen is of course smeared all over Aya’s pussy, and the sound is recorded as well!

You can take home the data of Aya’s pussy sounds that you recorded for research purposes.

(Handjob / masturbation while playing with Aya’s pussy / dildo in and out / smearing semen on her pussy)

◇08_No Sperm Waste! (30:43)

You’re at work and you’re horny. You head for the bathroom.

However, he was followed by his sister Aya, who was suspicious. …… I’ve been trying to masturbate for a while now and I’ve been caught.

Aya sister is naturally angry. But what she’s upset about isn’t that she tried to masturbate at work. ……?

“I feel sorry for the sperm that gets spit out on the tissue when there’s a cunt so close by!

In the event that you’re not sure what to do, you’ll be able to always ask for help.

I insert her into my pussy, and even though she’s still wrapped up, she doesn’t move, but kisses and licks my ear, making me nervous.

“It’s your cunt that’s supposed to be squeezing your dick, so make sure you’re squeezing it with your cunt.

You have to get the sperm out of your cunt, don’t you? Do you understand?

I’m not going to be able to ejaculate until I’m sorry.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who has a problem with this.

(ear licking / kissing / hurrying while inserting / slow live fucking piston / live insertion / live Nakadashi)

August 20xx Delivery Part 1: Transfer Magic Dildo Introduction Commemorative Delivery (32:56)

Succubus Channel! Celebrating the introduction of the divine item of origin, the transfer magic dildo!

I’m going to shimmy the transfer magic dildo in Aya sister’s raw pussy as many times as the number of ♪ favorites on the murmur posting site “Kumata"!

Slowly at first. When the number of favorites increases, switch to automatic pistons and set it to stop when the number of favorites are squeezed.

Even if you ejaculate in the middle of the day, you can’t escape from Aya’s pussy.

I’ll be thoroughly cocksucked until I’ve consumed a number of

What is a transfer magic dildo!

An item that links everyone’s penis with the stimulation of a magical dildo!

This means that if sister Aya squeezes the transfer magic dildo, …… everyone’s dick will feel good too!

August 20xx Delivery Part 2: Pouring Everyone’s Semen into a Dangerous Day Pussy (44:17)

Today’s delivery day is a dangerous day. This is the time of estrus when you are most likely to have a baby.

How do you know it’s a dangerous day? Of course, if you use an app or something to record it, you’ll know.

There’s a definite difference in the cocks…

You’ll have to wait until you hear the delivery to find out what state you’ll be in!

I’m going to pour more and more of the semen that I collected in the previous delivery commemorating the introduction of the magic transfer dildo into my pussy on this dangerous day.

Of course, it’s not just about pouring it in.

Insert the transfer magic dildo deep into your vagina and pour it deep into your womb while fucking your raw pussy.

I’m not sure how many times I can do it in a row. It’s like, “Oh, my God! squirt! and the semen poured in like a continuous ejaculation.

Of course, everyone’s dick continues to feel the pleasure of being seeded deep in the womb, and the pleasure of continuing to ejaculate over and over again.

Please enjoy Aya sister’s thick ear licking while she continues to smear her pussy…

September 20xx Delivery_Assault! Unannounced Delivery (42:45)

Aya’s live streaming started suddenly. However, you are out of town …….

I had no choice but to watch it while I was out, but this was a trap set by Aya!

In fact, Aya started to deliver her messages at a time when everyone would be away from home for work or school.

He planned to bully his penis with a transfer magic dildo at work, school, on the train and in the presence of his family.

You’ve fallen right into the trap. The link to the dildo will not be broken when you close your browser.

I gave up and continued to watch, but Aya’s bullying of my penis got worse and worse.

In the end, she ejaculates defeatedly into Aya’s pussy despite the fact that she is in public.

October 20xx Delivery_Just Before the Event! Creating a Gift Delivery (32:50)

The night before the event. Aya-sister will prepare something to give to everyone at tomorrow’s event during the delivery!

The gifts were “the freshly removed pants that Aya wore for a day," “the pants that she masturbated in," and “Aya’s fresh pussy lotion.

There are many extreme and naughty gifts, such as “a dildo inserted into Aya’s sister’s pussy"!

I’m going to make gifts for everyone while I’m getting thinner and thinner during delivery☆.

5 hours and 21 minutes in total so far!

(=Ohm…) extra part

Extra 01_MP3 version

This is the MP3 version of all the sound sources for the film and omake.

Extra 02_Video version of scene 05 & CG

The video “05_I wish you could massage me too" is now available!

We have also enclosed a differential illustration that you can enjoy as CG.

1 basic CG, 13 differences. Video(28:15)

Extra 03_Video version of scene 07 & CG

The scene from “07_ Pussy Sound Effects Study" has been made into a video!

We have also enclosed a differential illustration that you can enjoy as CG.

1 basic CG, 12 differences. Movie(23:21)

Extra 04_Free Talk (20:14)

Free talk that may be a little bit eccentric.

I don’t like it, so I lost it (12:56)

This is the audio I made for ……. Maximum impatience!

The sound of Aya’s sister’s pussy in the extra 06_track 07 (23:42)

The sound of a pussy produced with 07 tracks! Listen to it a lot for your studies♪

A recorder is used for recording, which increases the sense of raw realism.

About 5 hours and 54 minutes without duplication!

Recorded in wav (24kHz/24bit) & MP3

(//∇//)< 【特別追加コンテンツ】追加01_イベントでリアル耳舐め会 (14:52)
The day of the event. The day of the event, I will give real ear licks to those who buy my works! You are the one who participated in such a project.

But how can you not get an erection with Aya sister in front of you and licking your ears when you are always listening to her delivery and works?

Aya noticed that I had an erection and rubbed my cock with her foot. She played a trick to make it harder.

I can’t take it anymore! I won’t be able to go outside! You complained, “I can’t go outside!

I’m not going to lick your ears, I’m going to kiss you… but I’m still not comfortable with your dick. ……?

The uncontrollable penis is punished by Aya sister with a raw fuck even though the next person might come.

(=ω)ノ It will be added after reaching 3,000DL! ←We’ve achieved it!

□ Credit □

Performance/scenario/planning: Ayaka Igasaki

Illustration: Wanila

Video: Ochiishitaka

Recording/Editing: Audio Production Department, Polar Bear Secret Society

Production: Polar Bear’s Wife


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