【Makuramofu Shiki / Yomiko Aoi Kyuka】Welcome to JK idols whispering close to the share room☆~sweet temptation sandwich

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#19, 30 Days:#60
Title:Welcome to JK idols whispering close to the share room☆~sweet temptation sandwich
Maker:Makuramofu Shiki / Yomiko Aoi Kyuka
Release date:2019/12/19
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Celebrity/Idol/Model, Love/Love/Ama, Sexappeal, earlicking

One day, you picked up your phone from the street.
You try to take it to the police station with a cute cat strap on it.
The owner of the phone calls you.

I contacted the owner of the item and went to deliver it to him, where two very pretty girls were waiting for me.

The two girls were JK idols who had recently debuted and were starting to gain popularity.

The girls thanked you for kindly delivering their phone to them.
They thank you for kindly delivering the phone and invite you to their shared room.

In that room, where the current JK idols live, you’re watching their music videos while in close contact with them in a sandwich.

After a long and abstinent life as idols, the two of them have built up a very high sex drive.
He seems to have lost his patience in front of you, who he likes very much…

The two of them and you are about to begin a naughty collaboration.

CV, Yomiko Aoi Yuka, Aino Mimori

All binaural work
All binaural, feel the breath, earphone or headphone is recommended to watch.

It’s about 2 hours and 17 minutes of gentle, sweet, and sometimes stimulating sex with current JK idols in a variety of situations.
Please enjoy the play.

Character introduction

Shizuku (CV: Yomiko Aoi Yuka) is an innocent-looking idol. She has a serious and gentle personality, and is very interested in sex, although she has to be patient in her idol life.
She has a nice body and loves you.

Yui (CV: Aino Mimori) A mischievous idol with a cheerful personality. She is innocent and innocent in some ways, but her body is fully grown.
I like to have sex, although I keep it to myself due to my idle life. She is very attracted to you.

Included tracks

1Meeting Your Brother♪ (04:59)

You picked up a phone that had fallen on the street, and received a TEL from the drop owner.
Meet up in the city.

There appeared two very cute JKs.
And they are working as idols.

They seem to want to thank you for your kind delivery.

Close whispering and ear licking in 2 shared rooms (20:47)

The girls want to thank you by inviting you to their shared room.
In the room where the JK idols live.
In the room where the JK idols live, you watch a low angle PV with them while they sandwich you closely.

You’ll soon be licking their ears while they whisper to you, and then licking you from both sides.

3Pussy handshakes in a shared room… (17:11)

You’re in a shared room, and you’ve just gotten excited by a lot of ear licking.
You’ve also got a raging erection.

The girls see this and say they will give you a special handshake.
You will feel a strong sense of pleasure as they whisper in your ear and shake your lotion-soaked hand.

4 Maid Costume Pies in a Shared Room (20:36)

The girls are in one costume to please you.
They are going to change their clothes. It is a maid costume for use in events

While wearing a maid costume, they have big boobs that look like they are about to burst.
They will pinch your dick from both sides and
They will take their time to guide you to ejaculation, moving slowly and gradually harder.

5They’ll take turns sucking your dick and signing your dick in the waiting room (20:22)

The two JK idols who have taken a liking to you are
They invite you to their next event.
After the concert, they called you into the waiting room to take a look at your steaming dick.
After the concert, the girls called you into the waiting room and told you that they would take turns sucking your steaming dick.

They’ll even sign your dick and play other tricks on you.

You will have an unforgettable and exciting experience.

Bathing together in a 6 resort love hotel off (11:57)

Two JK idols say they are off for a while after the event.
The girls are staying at a hotel in a tourist area.
What you saw when you were invited to follow them…
Not a regular hotel, but a love hotel

They want to come in here with you.
They want to go into the bathroom with you, off the love hotel.
You’re going to have to take your time to wash your body with that big boob sponge.

A little bit of a bad photo shoot at a 7 resort love hotel (19:18)

In this episode, you’ll get a chance to have sex with one of the JK idols, Yui, in a love hotel.
After a long period of idle abstinence, the girls were filled with desire.

You’ve got to be careful not to get too close to them.

After a long period of abstinence from idol sex, the girls have built up a desire to have sex with you.
It’s a great way to get to know the people you love.

8 lovey-dovey sex at your brother’s house… (17:24)

JK idols say they want to visit your home next.
They press the intercom and come to visit you in your room.
They close the curtains and sit on your bed where you usually sleep.
Shizuku and I have raw sex.

I might have to retire from being an idol.

Shizuku will accept it.

9 Double Date☆Ending☆ (04:03)

Enchanting days with these girls, but
The days of being an idol come again for the two of them.

A double date in the park, for you.
What’s on their minds as they confide their feelings to you?

Running time (about 137 minutes)


MP3 format

About 2 hours and 17 minutes

Cover illustration (untitled version)

A version without sound effects is also included.
Total recording time including the version without sound effects: 4 hours 34 minutes


CV 陽向葵ゅか様 http://yuka5209.wixsite.com/purin

みもりあいの様 https://www.mimoriaino.net/

イラスト 四八楼様 http://yykikaku.x.fc2.com/

題字 くさか様 https://twitter.com/kskmkyk

編集 かんころもっち様 http://twitter.com/soundscape_xyz

tatupiyo様 https://profile.coconala.com/users/890769

Other production: Makuramofu style


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