【Y’s Project 】Onna Ariki File No.009 Public & Distributed Masturbation

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Title:Onna Ariki File No.009 Public & Distributed Masturbation

Maker:Y’s Project

Release date:2019/04/29
Genre:femaleprotagonist\r\n, indecentlanguage\r\n, continuousclimax\r\n, onanism\r\n, lewd\r\n, Shame/embarrassment\r\n

This is the audio of a masturbation demonstration by the rare masturbator “Yuki".

This time, I went to a certain shopping mall and recorded masturbation in the setting of obeying the orders of an imaginary master.

There are some parts that are a little hard to hear, but please enjoy the realistic feeling of masturbating in public ^^.

The other is live internet audio of masturbation.

As is the case with Yuki, she came out in a flashy way.

Both of them contain experimental elements, so please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions!

Please listen to the trial version first.

You can listen to the digest of “Shopping Mall" and “Live Streaming Audio on the Internet".

If you like it, please purchase it.

Total recording time: approx. 140 min.

1) Shopping Mall 01 (Opening).mp3

2) Shopping Mall 02 (Bookstore).mp3

3) Shopping Mall 03 (Toilet).mp3

4) Shopping Mall 04 (Game Center).mp3

5) Masturbation after returning home.mp3

6) Live Internet Streaming (DLS).mp3

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