【boyish sex LAB 】Masturbating for 20 days straight! A huge flood of squirts! Lots of squirting sounds! I’m so embarrassed! Record breaking! Pee [Binaural, Demonstration Audio, ASMR, Foley Sound].

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Title:Masturbating for 20 days straight! A huge flood of squirts! Lots of squirting sounds! I’m so embarrassed! Record breaking! Pee [Binaural, Demonstration Audio, ASMR, Foley Sound].

Maker:boyish sex LAB

Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:Largeamountofjuice/liquid\r\n, continuousclimax\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, ASMR\r\n, onanism\r\n, blowjob\r\n, Urination/Peeing\r\n, femaleejaculation\r\n

Vol. 21! Masturbate for 20 days straight! The longest record ever! The longest masturbation streak ever! Pee! Squirting! ASMR!

In this film, Riru Azusawa is really masturbating in front of a microphone.

Recorded with high-resolution, binaural and condenser microphones.

To keep it realistic, I only removed the noises that were annoying to the ears, but basically left them as they were (I recorded this at home, so there are ambient sounds. Sorry!)

Thank you so much for all your help, researchers!

Thank you to all the newcomers for finding Riruha!

Nice to meet you or have a nice day (#^^#)

This is Riruha Shodosawa.

This is a simplified version of the “contents of the work" written here due to the number of words.

The full version and the trial version contain the “work contents" of the full version. Please read it!

It’s quite naughty (^^^)

This time, I broke the record for consecutive masturbation (≧▽≦) haha!

This is the longest masturbation session ever, 20 days in a row!

Of course, I climax every day (#^^#) ugh!

As Riru created her work

I’m starting to feel it more and more…

The amount of naughty juice and squirting.

I’m gaining a lot of weight.

I’m getting more sensitive… and it’s going to be great…

Riru is a staple of my work.

I also recorded the pee voice…(#^^#)


It’s finally started (≧▽≦)

20 days of continuous masturbation!

I… you know…

It’s… it’s embarrassing, but…

“I’m gonna start masturbating today! “I’m gonna start masturbating today!

My pussy is already so slippery…

I also recorded that sound.

I’m so excited to be a part of it!

I finger masturbated.

I put my finger in and found my uterus was going down.

I was so embarrassed.

When I moved my fingers, they were already soggy.

It sounded like a huge flood…

I was pretty embarrassed.

So… just…

Deep climax (≧ω≦) hahahaha

When I was done, my clit was still erect…

From the very first day, I masturbated quite wildly (^^^)


I masturbated this day.

Rotor masturbation (#^^#)

Put the rotor in your pants…

Switch on…

Aah! …Ah! Ah! Ah! It feels so good…

The rotor I used this time was

I have a feature that allows me to change the vibration pattern.

The vibrations change.

It feels too good!

On the way, I changed the vibration pattern several times.

Every time I did, I felt so good.

Even my tits started to tingle.

So…I climaxed while feeling it (^^)


I masturbated this day.

Vibrator masturbation (#^^#)


In a vibrating state.

Gurgling in and out masturbation

It’s hitting me in the back, it’s not good.

Again, my boobs were zinging.

I came inside, it was amazing!


From audio start

I’ve already started (^^^)

A voice that is feeling it from the start!

I masturbated this day.

Dildo masturbation (#^^#)

I’ve already squirted.

The sound of it spewing out is embarrassing…(≧ω≦) Big flood!

So… it’s pretty messy…

Deep climax!

Immediately afterwards, I took the gooey dildo.

Cleaning blowjob!


I masturbated this day.

Clitoral suction masturbation (#^^#)

Suck my pussy.

Hold the clitoral suction toy against your clitoris…

Switch ON!

Ah! Ah! Aah! YIKOOO!

…to come with just your clitoris.

It’s very naughty, isn’t it (^^)?

Afterwards, there was still a lingering…

She also masturbated with her fingers, playing with her clit…

I came again (^^#)


I masturbated this day.

バイブとClitoral suction masturbation (#^^#)

At the start of the audio.

I’m sucking on a vibrator (#^^#).


Switch ON!


This is so intense, I’m going to come so fast…

Ah! Aah! Ahhh!!!

After all, I came right away.

This audio

It’s the sound of two toys.

I think I might be very naughty (#^^#)


I masturbated this day.

Vibrator masturbation (#^^#)

Even before you start.

I’m so wet…

So… put the vibrator… in my pussy…

Switch ON!


It’s a two point attack, it’s awesome!!!!

And a deep and loud climax.


When you pull out the vibrator.

I was so embarrassed when I heard the nuptial sound (#^^#).


One week has passed! And we’re on week two!

I masturbated this day.

Insert chopsticks and masturbate (#^^#)

I do ear licking first (*ω`*).

Then I took off my pants and…

Even before insertion, it was slippery…

And insert the chopsticks (#^^#)

Oh… this… might feel good…

I’m going to give you the best part of my pussy.

I found it.

That’s what he was attacking.


I climaxed (^^)


I masturbated this day.

Back to basics finger masturbation (#^^#)

When you start masturbating

You’ll be squirting in no time.

I’m really embarrassed.

And I felt so good.

Insert two fingers (≧ω≦)

Double the tide, double the pleasure!

I came… (^^) A big flood.


Today is the turnaround point! Ten days to go!

I masturbated this day.

Vibrator masturbation (#^^#)

On the seventh day, my vibrator ran out of battery and I couldn’t use it.

This time, fully charged, vibrator masturbation revenge!

I’ll start with a vibrating blowjob (*ω`*).

Think of it as your penis.

I got a blow job!

Wet it thoroughly.

Inserted into her pussy…

バイブのSwitch ON!

Ah! Ah! Oh! I can feel this…

I came inside (#^^#)

When I pulled out the vibrator, it just blew.

My tide is splashing all over the place, it’s a mess…


The sound of hiccups came in (^^^)

I’m sure it’s quite rare.

I masturbated this day.

Dildo masturbation (#^^#)

Start with a dildo blowjob.

Insert dildo!

This might be the most amazing clucking sound ever…

when I come.

He squirted and squirted and squirted.

That sounded awesome (≧ω≦).


I masturbated this day.

Masturbating with a toy that has a clitoral suction and vibrator function (#^^#)

This …… is no good! (≧ω≦)!

I’m going to come so fast…!

But I held back, and then… and then… and then I squirted…

Ah! Ah! Aah! No, no, no, no, no!

I came in a great way (^^^)

This is too intense…


I masturbated this day.

Dressed masturbation with a thin vibrator (#^^#)

right from the start

Switch ON!


With your clothes on…

Keep your pants on…

Insert the vibrator…

I’m not sure what to do.

This vibrator… it’s so thin…

Hit the G-spot.

It feels too good to be true!

瞬殺でI climaxed (^^)


I’m in the mood today.

I’m wearing glasses!

…you can’t tell from the audio.

But today…

I’m a girl with glasses!

で、I masturbated this day.

最初はClitoral suction masturbation (#^^#)

Climax! (≧ω≦)!

Then, without a second thought

I also masturbated with a vibrator (#^^#).

またClimax! (≧ω≦)!

Masturbate twice in a row



I masturbated this day.

After much hesitation …… finger masturbation (#^^#)

So, this time… I got pretty carried away…

The best I’ve ever had.

It’s finger masturbation with intense giggling (≧ω≦) hahahaha

And climax!



I masturbated this day.

Dildo masturbation (#^^#)

お決まりのStart with a dildo blowjob.

Inserted into her pussy…

Ah! Ah! Ah!

It’s so sad!

I’m obsessed with this!!!!

そしてClimax! (≧ω≦)!

Afterwards, I also gave her a clean-up blowjob… (#^^#)


On this day… there was a small sadness…

Please listen to the audio for details (#^^#)

So, on this day.

I’m a little upset…

scrambling to get back on one’s feet

I masturbated this day.

Vibrator masturbation (#^^#)

It’s a pretty intense vibrator.

I’ll blow off the petite sadness incident!

But…this is…too much!!!!

で、Climax! (≧ω≦)!

Hahaha… that was awesome…


I masturbated this day.

Masturbating to the clitoris with an electric motor (#^^#)

Instant kill! (≧ω≦)! climax


I masturbated this day.

Vibrator masturbation (#^^#)

While watching a magical girl anime.

I’m masturbating (^^^)

While being healed by a cute girl.

I’m feeling the vibrator.

I can’t do this.

But… this is… very… immoral.

And… very… very…

It feels so good!

And climax deeply!

She also climaxed lightly several times!

That was… amazing.


Finally, the last day! (≧▽≦)!

It was a long time… a long time!

After all this, I won’t say much more!

Please listen to the audio for details (#^^#)

This audio alone is 25 minutes long!

I’ve masturbated to all kinds of things!

Continuously, masturbating all the time!

I’m climaxing too much.

I’ve even had a series of climaxes!

I’d like to share a masturbation episode from when I was a student.

I talk about it a little bit (while masturbating).

Let’s masturbate together!

That’s why (why?).

I did my best! (≧▽≦)!

I’m glad I’ve been able to produce 20 works!

I’ll keep working harder and harder on my artwork!


Keep up the good work, Bocchi Ecchi LAB! Riru Shodosawa is!

I’m looking forward to working with you.

The sounds of mouth service and pee water are said to be popular among some maniacs as they “thrill the brain! It is said that the sound of mouth service and the sound of pee water are maniacally popular among some people (#^^#).

These realistic chewing sounds, peeing sounds, and pussy clenching sounds are again ASMR (feel good by listening to various sounds, such as chewing sounds).

By the way, ASMR is translated as “autonomous sensory climax response" in Japanese, and I would be happy if you climaxed to my ASMR.

I tried my best to research and master “masturbation", also known as “bokuchi-ekchi" in this work!

Mastering masturbation is not just about my masturbation. ……

This includes the masturbation of the listeners who listen.

I’m thrilled, excited, and embarrassed, but I did my best, so please give me your support!

And thank you for your continued support!

Total time: about 384 minutes (basic time: about 129 minutes)

Cast: Riruha Azuzawa

Circle:Bocchi Ecchi LAB



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