【Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise】Belly Break

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Title:Belly Break
Maker:Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise
Release date:2018/10/08
Genre:BellyBreak, freaky, torture, madness, Lyona

Contains violent scenes and grotesque expressions.

Main video: approx. 26 min.
Extra video: approx. 39 min.

Total about 65 minutes

Lyona animation of three girls’ soft bellies being destroyed.

Main story animation and

Two extra animations for looping the ryona scene

Please enjoy the main scenario first!

After you have fully enjoyed the scenario

After you have enjoyed the scenario fully, please enjoy the extra videos with looping your favorite ryona scenes.


First person: Nana Amasaki [Belly pant].

Second: Yuki Shinonome [Mush].

Third person:Ryoko Amasaki[Machine].


Belly punch

-belly pan
-withdrawal of internal organs


-Inject digestive juices
-Sucking out
-Larvae birth



Main scenario content

First person: Nana Amasaki [Belly pant].

The next thing you know, you’re being held by someone and you can’t move.
The girl is repeatedly punched in the stomach.
When the girl is fully weakened…
Stick your finger in her navel and give her a good scratching.
A girl fainting in agony from the pain in her stomach
When the navel is sufficiently weak
Putting your arm under the umbilicus and into the belly all at once
Grab your organs directly.
Stir relentlessly.
Inside my warm belly.
The screams of hellish agony
The sensation of slimy flesh
When you’ve had enough and your insides are a mess
The guts are pulled out.

Second: Yuki Shinonome [Mush].

The next thing you know, you’re strapped to a string.
I’m stuck in a web of worms.
After a while, a huge insect appears in front of you.
To a girl who can’t move at all
The worm sticks a tube extending from its mouth into the navel
A bug probes the inside of a stomach, and a girl suffers.
The worm eventually injects digestive juices through the tube
The inside of my stomach is burning hot
A worm scrabbling violently in its stomach after being injected with digestive juices
A girl in violent agony
A girl faints from too much pain, but when she comes to, the worms are gone.
Just when you think you’ve been saved…
Fainting in agony and despair as the creature moves violently in your stomach
After a while, larvae are born from the navel

Third person:Ryoko Amasaki[Machine].

The next thing you know, you’re strapped in with your stomach sticking out.
A drill appears with a mechanical sound
It operates very close to your stomach.
Desperately struggling to escape, but completely unable to move
Eventually the drill penetrates the belly
A girl screams in extreme pain
The drill begins to stir relentlessly and violently.
After a while, the drill is removed.
Soon, another machine appears.
When it stops in front of the girl’s stomach
Suddenly it thrusts a thick piston into her belly
The girl squirms with each thrust
When her belly is sufficiently destroyed, the piston is removed.
Next comes the big syringe.
The syringe sticks into the girl’s stomach.
The contents are sucked out at once.

The original game
Free action game(R18G)

File contents

readmetxt Please read first

nana.mp4 07:46
yuki.mp4 11:05
ryo.mp4 07:22

Extra videos * 3 minutes each for loop playback
nana1mp4 belly pan
nana2mp4 Navel gouging
nana3mp4 navel stab
nana4mp4 Grabbing internal organs
yuki1mp4 digestive juice
yuki2mp4 Stirring
yuki3mp4 Sucking out (meal)
yuki4mp4 Violating inside
ryo1mp4 Drill 1
ryo2mp4 drill 2
ryo3mp4 piston1
ryo4mp4 piston 2
ryo5mp4 injection

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samplemp4 Trial version movie


Original work: sakifox
CV:Kaede Akino
Circle:Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise


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