【Dream Tea Party】Chocolat’s Sparkling☆Exposure Beastiality

[Ranking]24 Hours:#23
Title:Chocolat’s Sparkling☆Exposure Beastiality
Maker:Dream Tea Party
Release date:2017/11/30
Genre:TransformationHeroine, Spats, shame/embarrassment, Urination/Pee, heterosexuality


Chocolat realizes that she looks like a dog to everyone around her after her transformation.
The one thing you can never do when you’re in human form.
Urinating on the side of the road while people watch, and walking around with her pubic area exposed.
Then Chocolat, now a female dog, meets a male dog in the park.

Under the blue sky

30 pages (27 pages of manga text)
2000x1416px jpg image


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