【Steel Bubble】M-man Development Laboratory – Distorted Love

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#7, 30 Days:#23
Title:M-man Development Laboratory – Distorted Love
Maker:Steel Bubble
Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:Noreversals, alotofjuice/liquid, Continuousclimax, Purelove, Maleacceptance, Urinating/Peeing


The main character meets a cabaret girl named Miyu at a cabaret club taken by his senior at work.
The story is based on a true story of a young woman who meets a cabaret girl named Miyu.
Yosuke goes to the lender’s office to help her out when she says she can’t see him anymore because of her debt.
You’ll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

This is a CG collection of a virgin protagonist who is developed into a lecherous body by three beautiful women.
This is the first time I’ve done this.

There is no virginity loss until the end of the story.
There are several descriptions of the protagonist (male) peeing, so please be careful. (Urination assistance, endurance, drinking, peeing, vaginal urination (incontinence), etc.)
There is also a scene of the main character (male) masturbating in the anus.


It consists of manga and CG (including differences).

-Basic (Erotic scene) 30 pictures
-84 comics
-difference/other 300 pictures

Total 414 pictures

Differences without text included


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