【Ebisen Works】Castle Ebiru

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#30
Title:Castle Ebiru
Maker:Ebisen Works
Release date:2017/12/20
Genre:dot, maid, forced/forced, Heterosexuality

Metroidvania, where maid uniforms fight

Control the UESC member [Eva] to defeat the [Princess Ebiru] hiding in the Ebiru Castle.
A search action game.

This is a game where you have to use your gun to kill the enemy.
Equip yourself with weapons in the castle or in the store, and explore the intricate castle at will.

There is H-motion for each monster race. There is an H event for defeating a boss.
And after clearing the game, there is a mode that can be placed freely.

There are achievements and equipment for completion, and if you level up, you can manage even if you’re not good at it.

-The fun of exploring and filling a large area.
→The route is free. You can play with your own strategy.

-The difficulty level is easy to play with emphasis on operability.
+You can also play hard to clear quickly by devising equipment and routes.

-Dotted H-animation

-Creating restraint conditions to enjoy the atmosphere

Product Version:
-More than 10 bosses
-About 300 rooms
-Some costumes
-Over 10 weapons
-Over 30 pieces of equipment
-You can always rematch defeated enemies in the test room.
-CG Viewer (Event Viewer)
-Arena: automatic battle mode, infinite generation, etc.

Honorifics omitted

-Programs, graphics, planning and much more


-Sound Dictionary

-Demon King Spirit
-no attributes

-Advertising Images

The image for advertisement is the top image only, and is not included in the main story.
(At the time of release, we received your kind offer (suggestion to provide images) with the expectation of improving the quality, and we requested it at that time.)


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