【Anti-mackerel lubricant / Nodoka Nishiura】A Happy Life with a Dark Elf Who Was a Slave

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#16, 30 Days:#80
Title:A Happy Life with a Dark Elf Who Was a Slave
Maker:Anti-mackerel lubricant / Nodoka Nishiura
Release date:2017/12/17
Genre:lewdwords, elf/fairy, lovey-dovey/slutty, Creampie, Fellatio, Poortits/lowtits

–One day, a girl rolls into the house where you live.
She was a dark elf, with brown skin and silvery white hair.

Because of their suspicious appearance, dark elves were hated by both humans and elves.

You decide to shelter her when she is badly injured.
But she is very wary of you because of her experience of being treated as a slave by humans.

To melt her frozen heart…
After all, the only way is to indulge her and be kind to her!
Now, the happy days between you and the dark elf girl will begin.

Sales Points

A lovey-dovey voice drama that heals the heart of an oppressed girl!
The next heroine is a brown-skinned “dark elf"!

She was a slave and is wary at first, but she will return your affection as much as you give her!
You’ll be able to get to know her better, and of course, you’ll be able to make love to her.

0Prologue[The Dark Elf Who Moved In](6:50)
Oh, ……. The place where I caught my foot earlier, it was cut so badly. …… It’s bleeding badly. ……

What? Who are you? I don’t know.]

1[You’re going to sell me into slavery anyway, aren’t you?
[Who would fall for such a trick? I’m sure there’s some kind of drug in the food or water to put me to sleep.]
[I still can’t believe it. If you peel back the skin of human beings, they are all horrible people.]

2 [Shopping together? I don’t need clothes…] (5:53)
[This is a clothing store, isn’t it? To find your clothes? My clothes? Why? ]
[What’s wrong with that shopkeeper? As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up and he brought me clothes one after another.]

■3-H [Blowjob. I know what you’re after](14:10)
[I don’t really like doing it, either. But it’s much better than you forcing yourself on me at night when I’m sleeping.] [
I’d rather be attacked by you when I’m sleeping at night.

■4[The job you want me to do?] (13:15)
[The next day. He called me in early in the morning. “I’m going to explain what I want you to do starting today,"] he said. [
[It’s a really strange person to look at me and not be a little afraid or uncomfortable, and then to use his impression of me in such a way.]

5[Do you really want to hear about me?] (8:29)
[Yes? About me, sir? You didn’t talk about me, did you? But it’s not a very pleasant story to hear.]
[I don’t know what my parents look like. I don’t know what my parents looked like, but my mother was probably a slave dark elf.]

6[I caught a cold](14:49)
[Kehou, kehou. I was fine until now. I’ve been fine until now, but why, suddenly]
[My hands are warm. It’s very warm. I don’t want you to let go, I think.]

7-H [First time sex. I like you](16:46)
[Master. I like you. Please hold me. I found myself falling in love with you.]
I’d like you to take me in your arms.

8 Epilogue[I’m happy](2:49)
[I know exactly what I’m doing.]
[You don’t need a reason to be happy!]

9-H [Masturbation & Cowgirl Position Ecchi. Please hold me today, too](14:32)
It’s ……. Tinkering by yourself is a …… strange feeling. ……. My body is tingling …… and my head is foggy …….

I like it. I’d like to be with my husband all the time. I want to be with you all the time. If you want, you can be with me all the time.]

10 extra (6:36)
[Can I have a moment? No, not at all. I don’t really have anything important to do.]
[It’s still early for bedtime, and I just wanted to stick around and spoil your husband.]

It’s not a big deal.
The full version includes a version without SE! Includes 2 high resolution image illustrations!

CV Ms. Nodoka Nishiura
Image illustration by Izuku. Image illustration by Izukuo.
Planning – script 4D glasses @bousaba_4d


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