【straight/Kotone Kohzuki 】Nojaoki5

[Ranking]24 Hours:#17

Maker:straight/Kotone Kohzuki

Release date:2017/12/13
Genre:indecentlanguage\r\n, Elf/Fairy\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, firstsexualexperience\r\n, handjob\r\n, maleacceptance\r\n

This is the fifth installment of “Noja-Koki". It’s about 1 hour and 29 minutes long.

This is a story about a dark elf chieftain who gives you a gentle kiss and a peck. They have known each other for a long time, so there is a certain degree of intimacy from the beginning.

The character voices are done by Kotone Kohzuki, a talented voice actress who is very well known to those who listen to audio works.

This is a new character, but again, it is a pampered type of work. There is a hand job, a chomping sound, and a description of sex.

Chapter 0_trial version(9min34sec)

Chapter 1-1

Chapters 1-2

Chapter 2

There are four tracks, including the demo version. Chapter 1 is divided into two parts, with 1-1 being more situational and 1-2 being more direct action. This makes it easier to listen to when repeating.

We are pleased to announce the release of another free trial version. The trial version is a short story that can be enjoyed as

This is a new character. This is a new character, so please give it a listen.



Due to the nature of the work, we ask that you view it in a safe place.

Update (December 13, 2017)

Fixed a problem where tracks 1-2 in the “No SE" file were written as “With SE".

Cut two noises in the trial version.

If you have downloaded the software before the fix, please re-download it.


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