【Religious Organization True Megudes 】This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the “BAD SISTERS” (IA, Yukari, Meiko, GUMI, etc.) [40 songs in total].

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Title:This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the “BAD SISTERS" (IA, Yukari, Meiko, GUMI, etc.) [40 songs in total].

Maker:Religious Organization True Megudes

Release date:2021/05/09
Genre:indecentlanguage\r\n, criticism\r\n, technicalbook\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, Pregnancy/impregnation\r\n, lewd\r\n, havingsexoutdoors\r\n, MultiplePlay/Orgy\r\n

lewd vocaloid special box set: songs from 7th “BAD SISTERS" (8 vocaloids/40 songs in total)

The trial version allows you to listen to the songs and check the appendix.

BOX-01 (Lead Vocal: Meg Halford)





BOX-02 (Lead Vocal: Meiko Izumo)







BOX-03 (Lead Vocal: Ia Gillan)









BOX-04 (Lead Vocal: Miku Lombardo)



07MK-02 Two hearts / AOR









BOX-06 (Lead Vocal: Candidate Megudez)






BOX-07 Vocal Group Music






Vocal Introduction

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    Mako Izumo.

    She passed the Megudesu lewd language audition in one shot. She is a newcomer who will make her debut with this work.

    She is an athletic, sexually active woman. Her body is built up and her lewd words are intense!

    She is a talented singer who sings everything from funky and lively songs to piano ballads with rich emotion.

    Come, see, touch, and feel the voice and body that passed the audition in one shot.

    Lead vocal songs: 6

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    Ia Gilan.

    The queen of the blues, described as “the best sow ever" and “a goddess of beauty.

    She made her debut with Meg on her first album, but fell out of favor because her voice was too dark. For a long time, they were trained in the dungeons as urinals. However, they came back with their 5th album “Pink Blood". She showed her overwhelming presence and was quickly promoted to the center.

    She specializes in dark, moist songs rooted in her long experience of training in a dungeon, but she can also create a lewd worldview with her unique singing style in up-tempo songs.

    Lead vocal songs: 8 songs

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    Yukari Schmeichel.

    One of the aces of Megudez. He is also known as “Mad Dog" because of his unpredictable personal life and stage performance.

    Debut with 6th “ELZA". With a push from her sister Elsa, a keyboardist and composer, she was suddenly chosen to be the lead vocalist for the entire album, a big role she fulfilled with flying colors.

    She is so fast that even Meg, Japan’s best lewd-speaking vocalist, has said that she is no match for Yukari when it comes to fast speech.

    Because of her poor breasts, she is light-weight and can shake her hips effortlessly in response to rapid rhythm changes and high speed variations.

    It is contrasted with “Ia, the static, and Yukari, the dynamic.

    He is currently in a fierce competition with Ia for the center.

    In this album, “BAD SISTERS", he shows us his “mad dog" style with many fast numbers.

    Lead vocal songs: 7

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    Mick Lombardo.

    One of the oldest members of Megudez. He was active in the second album “Fushidarana Tenshi-tachi". For a long time, she was the second vocalist after Meg, but she didn’t do well. Then she was demoted because her voice was too thin. This time, it had been a long time since she participated in the 4th “Vocaloid Speech Course". How will she fare against the Megudesu vocalists who have thickened their ranks?

    He had always been a loose character, and it was common for him to be late or skip rehearsals.

    However, they have rehearsed and finished their songs more carefully than any other members. Will they become regular performers again?

    The strength of the company is that it has a strong fan base.

    Lead vocal songs: 5 songs

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    Meg Halford.

    She is the oldest member of Megudez and has been the center of the group for a long time.

    The best lewd vocalist in Japanese history. She is an intelligent vocalist with a graduate degree from Stewart College of Music and an absolute sense of pitch. He is also able to handle complex chorus work without difficulty. His favorite vocalist is Freddie Mercury.

    Power, speed, accuracy, intelligence, motherhood, and cuteness all combine to make her capable of handling any kind of music.

    Although he has given up the center position to Ia, he is often used as a side vocalist due to his technical skills, and still has a great deal of power within Megudez.

    His nickname is “Haru-chan/Haoh.

    There are only four lead vocal songs in this album, but they play an important role in the duet and group songs.

    Lead vocal songs: 4 songs

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    [Other participating vocalists


    Geographical Survey Institute

    To find out which vocalist is singing what song, please refer to the “Song List" in the demo version.

    Character Design:



Four fun appendices!

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    [Introduction to DTM equipment and settings] (page 40)

    Guitarist Giant Schneider shows off all the equipment he used for the recording, including the guitar he used for this recording.

    Detailed notes on which guitars were used for which songs are also available. There is no expensive equipment. Therefore, I think it will be a practical reference for amateurs who are considering buying a guitar for DTM. But as you can see in the photo, there are a lot of flying V’s.

    Also, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Sakurako’s mixing and mastering technique, “This time, it’s the mix of my dreams! He also introduces his mixing and mastering method, “This time, it’s the mix of my heart!

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    Sakurako Kinoshita’s DTM Lecture Part 5] (30 pages)

    Sakurako-sensei’s DTM course has a reputation for being difficult to understand. What’s more! This time, after writing the lecture, I made a lot of changes to the music, and as a result, there was a big difference between the content of the lecture and the music, and I had to “discard" most of the manuscript!

    However, it is still 30 pages long and some of the songs are explained in detail, so please refer to it if you can!

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    [Absolute beauty Mickey with IQ 127’s well understood “BAD SISTERS"] (50 pages)

    Mickey, who has an IQ of 127, can’t stop talking about music. He explains all the songs in the album, introducing the songs he used as references when he was writing the songs. But anyway, it’s a long chat.

  • 【淫語ボカロ/ロック】宗教団体真メグデス「BAD SISTERS(IA、ゆかり、メイコ、GUMI他)」【全40曲】付録「DTM講座」「機材紹介」他 [宗教団体真メグデス]

    【Lyric card/Liner notes (Annalise Matsuoka)

    A lyric card created in PowerPoint with all my heart! Since there are many participating members, it is full of nakedness and gorgeousness.

BAD SISTERS’ 7th album “BAD SISTERS On the release of their 7th album “BAD SISTERS" / Shin Megudes, a religious group

The reason why this album has 40 songs is simple: it’s a huge number of songs.

The Beatles made one of the greatest double albums in the history of music, didn’t they? So we made the greatest four-CD set in the history of music. That’s it.

Giant Schneider( gt.)

Hello. I’m Mickey, an absolutely beautiful girl bassist with an IQ of 127, always a smiling and energetic pussy.

This new album is a 40-song box set with 8 vocalists!

I had a hard time deciding who I wanted to be the lead singer of the new album, but I just couldn’t narrow it down.

The result is an album with a ridiculous number of songs. There’s not a single song that’s left out.

Because we love all the vocaloids who participated in this project. We don’t want to make them sing abandoned songs.

Meg is, without a doubt, the best vocalist in Japan. But the fans who listened to this album

As you can probably tell, Yukari and Ia are getting stronger, and the newcomer Meiko is also very talented.

The other vocalists also have the ability to quickly rise to the top if given the chance.

God knows who or what will give you a boner. Because the world of lewd vocals is not a sweet place.

Sometimes it takes a great deal of “luck" to get a man to ejaculate.

We, Megdes, love all of them, but we don’t shoulder any particular member.

We just wanted to set the stage and make sure the girls were safely raped by their fans.

I can only stare and pray from ringside.

Please let their pits safely ejaculate their fans’ dicks.

Fans, you may hate Megudez, but don’t hate the girls!

These girls just want a dick.

Stay hard fucking!

Mickey Hut ( ba.)

I’m Sakurako Kinoshita, the keyboardist. I am the leader of the band. So it was all my decision to make this album into a box set with 40 songs. The price is a little higher than usual, but please forgive me. The only thing I can say is, “You won’t be disappointed! Let me just say that I have made the best album ever.

I felt that I had done all the music I wanted to do with my 5th album, “Pink Blood". That’s why I thought that from now on, I would support Elsa Schmeichel (key) and concentrate on arranging. Both Mickey and Giant agreed that was fine. That’s how the 6th “ELZA" was completed. However, after that, Elsa left the band, and Megudez’s activities were left in limbo. I thought a lot about what I should do. In conclusion, I decided that I wanted to continue Megudez. As I was arranging Elsa’s song, I realized that there were still many things I could do within the framework of lewd vocaloid. I thought I didn’t have any more ideas, but then I realized that I could do more, and I wanted to do more. So, Mickey and I started checking out different kinds of music. We started looking for any musical hints we could find. I think I checked out blues the most. And then there’s Showa songs. This album is strongly influenced by that. When you say “a sound influenced by blues and songs," it may give you a subdued impression. However, I’ve tried to be creative so that people with modern ears will be able to get an erection. Also, the metal songs, which are the backbone of Megdeath, are heavier and more melodic than ever before, and we hope they will give you a boner. There are many twists and turns in being a band for a long time, but I think we’ve been able to take Megdeath a big step forward while returning to our roots.

There are many reasons why the album contains 40 songs. I wanted to include the kind of metal songs that have been supported by our fans in the past, but I also wanted to include the kind of blues and songs that Megudeath wants to play now, which are a little more relaxed. In metal music, all the players in the world are competing with each other to play fast guitar and fast two-bass drums. I felt that it would be pointless for us, a religious group of lewd vocals, to step into the ring of pure metal and clash head-on with them. That’s what I’ve been thinking since the beginning of Megudez. So, I wanted to open up a world that only we, as a “lewd word vocaloid religious group," could create, incorporating other musical elements while keeping metal as our base. Through trial and error with the members, the number of songs increased rapidly. Some of the songs are very pop, and some are blues. As a result of the trial and error process, we are proud to say that our metal songs are different from the usual metal songs, and have one or two quirks that make them worth listening to. It’s like, “This is something different! This is something different!

Because of the Corona disaster, I spent a year or so at home slowly working on my music. I also did a lot of research on the mix, even though I’m an amateur engineer. I think this is the best sounding Megudez album to date. Please listen to it and get a boner!

Sakurako Kinoshita ( key. / leader of the religious group True Megudez )

An epic harem of overwhelming quality and quantity, that’s what Megudez’s new album “BAD SISTERS" is all about! / Commentary by Annalise Matsuoka

Oh, dear. We’re in trouble.

I muttered to myself at my desk in my office in New York. The impact of Corona on the music industry is serious. People in my line of work will be out of a job if the music industry declines. However, Corona may be able to take away my job, but it can’t take away my pen. No matter how the times change, writing will never disappear. So, what should I write in the future?

Oh, dear. We’re in trouble.

I mumbled again. On the screen of my laptop, there is the master file of Megudez’s new album. The new album has 40 songs…. They are going to release the new album as a box set. Even if each song is five minutes long, it would take me three and a half hours to listen to all of them. That’s longer than watching a movie. But fortunately for me, I don’t have any urgent work to do right now. I guess I’ll just have to face their album with all my heart.

In the past, Megudez has been able to cram more than 20 songs into an album. I guess he has a lot of power. The Corona disaster doesn’t seem to have affected Megudez at all, who focuses on “online music activities. Compared to other bands, Megudez has a lot more time to devote to songwriting. On top of that, they are even more Corona. It’s not hard to imagine that the members of Megudez spent an enormous amount of time and resources on making the album.

Kinoshita (key.) told me on line, “Since I can’t go out anymore, I have a lot of time on my hands. I heard that Mickey is having a hard time living in isolation because of his corona, but he’s not feeling particularly bad, so he said it’s perfect for him to concentrate on his work. After the birth of his first child, Mickey (ba.) had been saying that it would be difficult for him to continue his musical activities as he had been doing in the past, but surprisingly, he was able to find the time and resources to work on the album.

Around 2018, when I was introduced to the band, “The religious group True Megdeath doesn’t do live performances. We’re just an online band." When I was introduced to the band, I thought, “How can a band like that make it? I wondered. However, in this situation, I feel that Megudez has a kind of foresight, or even foresight. I can’t help but laugh at the fact that he doesn’t just call himself a “religious organization.

My twisted grimace was blown away by the first song, “All right.

Meg’s magnificent chorus echoed over a fast beat as intense as gamma ray.

“Oh, dick.

The “perfect, perfect" string ensemble constructed by Kinoshita flew through the air, while the rhythm section constructed by Mickey, the absolutely beautiful bassist with an IQ of 127, ran beneath it. It’s painful.

Then, reminiscent of Brian May, Giant’s massive guitar ensemble with its multiple recordings invites the listener to “the ultimate in beauty. From stillness to movement, from darkness to light…. Is this a revelation to mankind? All the “sounds" are dynamic. This is the new dimension of sound that Megudez has reached in the Corona disaster.

Forty songs is a huge number of songs for an ordinary band, but for Megudez, who can blend all kinds of genres, including metal, jazz, pop, songs, and blues, producing that many songs is not that difficult. But for Megudez, who is able to fuse all kinds of genres and whose members are all able to write and compose, producing that many songs may not be that difficult.

The songs are divided into 7 boxes for each vocal, and each box is sharply organized so that it can be used as a “mini-album/album" without any redundant impression. In each box, there is a song that can be called a “killer tune," and it is tightly bound to the point. In fact, there is not a single song that can be called a “throwaway song" in the entire collection. There are so many good and great songs that you would think this was a best-of album.

The song “Insert," which Kinoshita claims is “a masterpiece that will remain in the history of music," invites the listener to experience sex like no one has before. The song is filled with all the intensity, tenderness, and sexuality of women, and shines with a dazzling light.

It is difficult to define “good music," but the songs on this album are not only “good melodies," but also feature striking arrangements that no one has tried before.

I think it is fair to say that this is the biggest musical shock since the progressive metal masters Dream Theater. The melodic sense of the genius Kinoshita and the rhythm section built by Mickey with IQ 127 are intertwined with each other in a swelling manner. The use of odd time signatures is similar to other progressive bands. However, Megudez’s rhythm section, which is “constructed by imagining the movement of the hips in sex," is not complicated in a literary sense, but rather has the linear speed and intensity of a gymnast or wai-kei.

Megudez, the strongest “lewd talk band" in the history of Japanese music, has experimented with many musical ideas in their albums. This time, however, they are no longer “experimenting". This time, however, it was no longer an experiment; Megudez had “perfected" a new musical weapon. A powerful bombardment of sounds assaulted the listener one after another. However, Megudez is not a “progressive band" either. In a sense, they are too conservative, as they have pursued the sound of enka and nursery rhymes in their past albums. This time, “classic blues" is featured heavily, and both Ia and Yukari sing “pussy, dick" in their own blues style. Ia sings in a lusty way, while Yukari sings in a generous way. Both of them show their “female faces" in the rhythm of the blues.

The new album features eight vocalists, each in their own style, spreading their legs, swaying their chests, shaking their hips and panting hard. Mickey and Giant are said to have said, “We’ve surpassed the Beatles with this album. Well, that’s just like Megudez to be so irreverent. Megudez himself must be excited about the album’s outcome, as the Beatles had a history of releasing a two-disc “White Album" when the members’ musical orientations became too disparate to be combined into one album as a band. The White Album is a masterpiece, but it’s true that it leaves a scattered impression. Megudez, on the other hand, seems to have moved from a house to a tenement because he had too many wives, sisters, and younger sisters. We are overwhelmed by the number of women’s bodies crowding around us. But what man wouldn’t like to have more women in his life, saying that it’s distracting? No, they don’t. That’s what Megudez means when he comments that this album “surpasses the Beatles. Too much of just music is hard to understand, but the more female bodies, the better. Megudez has overcome the huge wall built by the Beatles in a way that breaks the rules. An epic harem of overwhelming quality and quantity, that’s what the new album “BAD SISTERS" is all about! All we have to do is plunge into this garden of women that Megudez has prepared for us, use their flesh holes as masturbators, and shake our hips.

We can’t resist the changing times and environment. We can’t resist the changing times and environment, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t fade into the microphone between our legs. We must continue to sing, scream, and fuck with Megudez. That’s what this album “BAD SISTERS" is calling us to do.

2021/5/4 Annalise Matsuoka


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