【Team Randoseru/Makehana Kotobuki】Voice kappa to help you sleep soundly

[Ranking]24 Hours:#12, 7 Days:#42
Title:Voice kappa to help you sleep soundly
Maker:Team Randoseru/Makehana Kotobuki
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:Healing, ASMR, Uniform, earcandling, purelove, lily

[Yuri with a sad and warm feeling].

This time, the theme is loverly love, as it is the season of winter.
This is a warm and friendly work, depicting the difficult distance of homosexuality.

I hope that people who like yuri with a delicate atmosphere will listen to this.

[Can you sleep well?]
You can sleep well.

I was able to get a good night’s sleep with the winter-inspired background music (piano) and Akikka Kotobuki’s voice.

I think the charm is in the lines that gently care for others and the mischievous childishness.


Main character me: (CV: Asuka Kotobuki)

My parents live in Hokkaido, and I’m currently living on my own and attending a girls’ high school in Chiba Prefecture.
A girl who is usually quiet and reads in the corner of the classroom.
She confesses her feelings to a classmate and becomes his girlfriend, but is troubled by the distance between them.

Girl: (no dialogue)

She is a kind and cheerful girl who can’t say no to a request.
She can’t say no to her friend’s confession, so she goes out with him.
A girl who is attracted to the protagonist’s charms, but can’t be honest with him.

Yuri earworm whispering healing pure love piano co-sleeping subtle S


-0Yuri Ver 33min

-1 full length 70min.

-2No BGM Ver 70min

-3NGVer 36min

The main story is divided into an introduction, an ear scratching part, and a snuggling part.


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