【Seeds of sea urchin】More from Prince Zulu

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Title:More from Prince Zulu
Maker:Seeds of sea urchin
Release date:2017/12/10
Genre:clothes, boobs, swimsuit, Paizuri

This is the first Sen Fat War Aigis book that I distributed at Comic Market 92 (August 2017).

This is the story of a prince who loses interest in the real world after a battle with the demon god Dasnara Koch.
This is a book about a prince who has lost interest in sexual intercourse after a battle with the demon god Das Naracoch.
The main character is a political officer named Fatuna, but there are other characters as well.
It also includes a paper distributed at Comiket as an extra.

The original book is 26 pages including the cover. The file is in JPG+PDF format.


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