【Yurikago earphones / Hanyu Hami】Twins*Study

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Maker:Yurikago earphones / Hanyu Hami
Release date:2017/12/09
Genre:twins, student, handjob, Masturbation, Fellatio, impatience

You have visited the home of a student you will be teaching today.
The student twins who welcome you with open arms seem to be having a bit of fun and ……?

Why don’t you try being blamed by two people who are a little bit tougher than you?

—- tracklist—-

◆01[Guide to our home~!]
◆02[Can you teach us how to study?]
◆03[Can you teach Reina how to study?]
◆04[Teach NANA how to study?]
◆05[You’ll lose if you show your hand, right?]
◆06[Can’t you make yourself come?]
07[I can’t help it…one more time specially]

Total time: about 60 minutes

—- characters —-

◆Reina Hazakura (elder sister)
Older sister of the twins. She is kind to girls and hard on boys.
She’s not aware of it, but she has an S temperament.
She likes to blame rather than torment.
She felt a thrill when she saw the painful and pleasurable expressions on the boys’ faces.

I’ve been told by my sister, Nana, that it’s a sign of S, but I haven’t quite caught on.
His comprehension is good, but his memory is a little weak.

CV: Hanyu Hami

Nana Hazakura (younger sister)
The younger of the twins. Like her older sister Reina, she is kind to girls and hard on boys.
She has a strong sense of humor.
She doesn’t like to get her clothes dirty or take her clothes off, but she loves to do naughty things.
I have a good memory, but my comprehension is a little weak.

CV:Kaede Hanamiya

—- production staff —-

Scenario production:Sakura Honjo


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