【Towa Factory/Konoha Hanamori】The distance to Kimi, the time from Suki: junior girlfriend Nozomi Kashiwagi

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Title:The distance to Kimi, the time from Suki: junior girlfriend Nozomi Kashiwagi
Maker:Towa Factory/Konoha Hanamori
Release date:2017/12/15
Genre:AllHappy, earwax, whip

Junior girlfriend Kashiwagi Nozomi T150 Wt48 B:G60 W:55 H:88

~There was a legendary bench that was loved by lovers.

Tracklist (about 1 hour and 24 minutes)

01 Shocking at the Legendary Bench (4:18)
After lunch, you are chatting with Nozomi. You are talking with Nozomi after lunch, and she tells you something that shocks you.

02 What I’m good at is massage(33:41)
You’ve been offered a massage by Nozomi. It’s a great way to get to know someone better.
It’s nice to spend some time on a bench in an air pocket, listening to the sounds of nature.

03 The Peace of a Knee Pillow (8:55)
After the massage is over, you ask Nozomi to give you a lap pillow. Nozomi was strong, even in the future, depressing the fun of the present.

04 Sugar Earwax (36:28)
Another day, you beg Nozomi to give you an ear scratch. Of course, Nozomi was even good at ear scratching.

Cast Mini Mini Free Talk(1:22)
I’ve got a few words for you from Konoha Hanamori, who plays Nozomi!


What are your favorite things to do?
It is an air pocket in the school, a garden of Eden for two, where a single bench, loved by lovers, offers hospitality. Even though the hustle and bustle of the world is far away, it is you and Nozomi who are closest to each other.
Please enjoy the environmental sounds and binaural sound effects that create this atmosphere.

CV: Ms. Konohana Hanamori


Ms. Hanamori also releases her works as a circle.
Please check it out.


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