【bell】Punishment for Cheating

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Title:Punishment for Cheating
Release date:2017/12/10
Genre:swallowedwhole, Maleacceptance

A buzzing sound echoes through the room. A woman is kicking a man in his vitals.
The man’s vitals seemed to be in great pain, and he contorted in pain.

The man who was kicked is screaming in pain, it seems to be the pain of hell that only a man can feel.
But the woman looks at the man’s face, which is contorted in pain, with cold eyes.

Maybe I can’t help it, women don’t have that attached to them.

It’s an important, important reproductive organ, the thing that keeps the offspring alive, but for him it seems to be attached to be kicked.
A woman who still can’t trust her boyfriend wants him to shrink and become one with her.
I’ve decided to make it my own flesh and blood, and make it mine forever.
What does it feel like to be trapped in a flesh pot, a place where once you enter, you will never leave again, forever?
It is a sadness that one’s precious life, one’s only life, is being used just to make a girl feel good.
Will the heartbreaking cries really reach the girl from inside her stomach?
If you want to be kicked in the balls and swallowed whole, this is the work for you.

A collection of 108 basic CG pictures.


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