【Nekojita-kousha / Nodoka Nishiura】Sweet and whispery milking agency – The case of gentle and loose elder sister

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#33, 30 Days:#88
Title:Sweet and whispery milking agency – The case of gentle and loose elder sister
Maker:Nekojita-kousha / Nodoka Nishiura
Release date:2017/12/06
Genre:Bigsister, love-love/ah-mah, handjob, Verbalabuse, Tickling, maleacceptance

I want to be squeezed by my big sister.
I want to be whispered to by my big sister.
I want to be pampered by my big sister.
I want to be bullied by my big sister.
I want to do something naughty with my sister.

–I want to be bullied by my sister.

Please note that there are no scenes of continuous ejaculation in this work.


This is the Mellow, an institution that aims to collect semen from men.
This is the first time I’ve ever been to a game where you can’t even tell the difference.
–Now then, let us begin the collection.


01 [Whispering ear licking hand job](16min45sec)[–Please ejaculate in the most pleasant pleasure.]

You are a test subject of the exploitation agency [Mellow].
The sister who is in charge of you will gently squeeze you with an ear licking hand job.

(whispering / ear licking / hand job / female top)

02 [Whispering Nipple Blame](18min 29sec)[–Let’s make your head throb with sweet nipple blame…]

You’ve become addicted to your sister’s milking.

If you are such an anata, your sister will find out that you feel with your nipples. ……

(whispering / nipple torture / impatient play / female top)

03 [Whispering Baby Play](15min 15sec)[–Then come to mommy’s place~]]

This is a video of a woman who has become a prisoner of her sister’s squeeze.
Such anata, you ask your sister to do baby verbal abuse …… and you are completely corrupted.

(whispering / baby talk / hand job / ball torture / nipple torture / female top)


Total time 50min 29sec

There are 6 files in total including [left/right/neutral voice] and [with/without sound effects] for each scenario.

The folders are [Main Story], [Images], and [Script].


○声の出演 西浦のどか様( http://sakurasaku39.wix.com/ndk39 )

●イラスト 藍沢ちひろ様( http://aizawaccc.wixsite.com/copin )

Production/Editor: Nekojita-kousha


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