【Fatalpulse】[Dos & Don’ts] Queen Kashima’s Training Diary

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#17, 30 Days:#44
Title:[Dos & Don’ts] Queen Kashima’s Training Diary
Release date:2017/11/29
Genre:Peeing, footjob, SM, Fellatio, Torture, Bigtits/bigtits

It’s a book about a woman who has a big tits.

A certain township has been taken over by a rebellion of shipgirls, and the human men are being dominated by the shipgirls, abused as livestock, and played with as meat toys.

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As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a whole new world to explore.

Note: The sample and the real story have been modified differently, and the text has been modified differently from Comic Market 91.
Also, there is a description of female superior-male superior inversion.


同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite
同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite