【Studio Nadeshiko】Hoppo-chan’s daily life compilation vol2

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Title:Hoppo-chan’s daily life compilation vol2
Maker:Studio Nadeshiko
Release date:2017/12/06
Genre:Dailylife/life, heartwarming

The second compilation of Hoppo’s daily manga!

Daily life 5
When I was walking with my sister on New Year’s Day, all of the battleship ladies were making rice cakes. The rice cakes were so delicious that Hoppo came to love them. However, when she ate the rice cake that was served at the rice porridge, ……?

6 ◆ Daily life
When I woke up this morning, there was snow all over the place! Hoppo is so excited that she starts rolling snowballs to make a snowman. The snowman gets bigger and bigger with the help of the doggie lady, but it’s too big to put her head on it. But the snowman is too big to put his head on, and just when he’s in trouble, the Battleship lady shows up.

Daily Life 7
After the snowman building settles down, the season turns to Setsubun and Valentine’s Day. There are lots of mini-events, such as buying a cell phone and a visit from a middle-aged lady! I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Daily life 8◆
It’s the season of the Doll Festival. It’s been a busy season since early spring. They huddle together on typhoon nights, snooze in the spring sunshine, and gobble up the fan.

This is a compilation of the most popular daily life manga, with battleships and intermediates joining in the fun.
In addition to Hoppo-chan’s daily life 5-8, many illustrations and newly drawn manga are included.

This is a 100 page work.



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