【Backgrounds store Minikuru】Minikuru CG Backgrounds [Everyday Life] part14

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Title:Minikuru CG Backgrounds [Everyday Life] part14
Maker:Backgrounds store Minikuru
Release date:2017/11/24

A pack of 28 everyday backgrounds + diffs for your convenience.
The license is completely free for both doujin and commercial use.

A collection of rare houses, residential areas, and rooms.

Please use them for adventure games, manga, etc.
Create a stage for your characters to live.

This material was provided by Snowflake Ltd. and Tanuki Soft.

Tanuki Soft

Please use them in accordance with the terms of use included in the package.
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Resolution: 1920×1440pixel-1920×1080pixel-800×600pixel / JPG low compression
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